Commonly Made Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid them?

There are some common mistakes about the decoration. You can decorate your home in a much more professional way, by avoiding from this mistakes. BUY SMALL CARPET FOR YOUR ROOM I know, hand-woven and high quality carpets are very expensive. When square meters of carpet increase, prices are rising. If you can not buy a… Read More »

Marine Effect in Bathroom

After a summer, people can’t forget easily sea and beaches. I have a good idea for this people. If you like summer much, you can decorate marine style some corner of your home. The most convenient place is your bathroom for this theme. This decoration style is showed up in the eastern part of island,… Read More »

Design of Worktable

If you have desk job, it means you spend your all time in this workroom. So workroom design and accessories is very important in terms of psychological. You can personalise your workroom, using your family pictures. It relieve you when you feel stressed. And if you have small work area, it can seems larger by… Read More »

Interior Wall Colour Trends for 2017

2016-2017 years differ from other years with its special structure. Awareness and design will be increase in this period. Palettes are occured with some colors which have never been used up to today. With cosmic color groups innovative attitude has been exhibited in interior places. Why cosmic colors? Cosmic colors have light structure. It works… Read More »

Modern Suspended Mirrors and Floor Mirrors

One of the most important object is mirror for living room. It shows more spacious and bright your living room. They are prefered in many different decoration style because of their aesthetic structures. Mirrors convert living room to ostentatious and stylish area with its different desinged frames and color alternatives. Especially modern mirrors are used… Read More »

Great Ideas for Baby Room

Preparing the baby’s room, is a very exciting and enjoyable for mothers and fathers. Before baby’s time, some research is done. Parents want to buy something continuous for their baby. Your baby’s room must be comfortable and you must guard your baby against to dangers while you are designing your baby’s room. A standard baby… Read More »

American Kitchen Ideas

Usually people have separate room in their home for the kitchen. While serving food women must shuttle between kitchen and living room. And it generally very tiring especially when guests come to your home.  if you do not want to tired, American kitchen can be an alternative for you. American kitchen are designed to be… Read More »

The Importance of Candle in Home Decoration

Candles are economic. So they are used much in home decoration. You can made candle holder from many materials such as penholder, cup or flowerpot. Candles are not made of hard materials so you can give shape easily. Using candles in decoration is easy and pretty fun. Some ideas about candle decoration; You can embellish… Read More »

Baby Girl Room Decor Ideas

As a parents, you should attentive choice in decoration because babies grow in their room so rooms effect their mental and physical development. Selected room should be spacious and airy. It should be in eastern or western front. First of all you should pay attention to size of baby room. It should be enough large.… Read More »

Usage of White Leather Armchair

White leather armchair are quite stylish and flashy. Usage area of this armchair is generally living room. Usage of white leather armchair is not easy in terms of usage and decoration. So I will share the most delicate part with you. Although white leather armchair has spacious and bright atmosphere, using light colored curtains, carpets… Read More »