Advertising Assistant – New Graduate

By | October 2, 2017


123 Evans Avenue Available after May 16, 1993
Iowa City, Iowa 52242 1001 Eighteenth Avenue
(319) 348-6666 (516) 858-3156


Advertising-assistant position with possible advancement to a career as an account executive.


B.A., May 2010, University of Iowa. Concentrations in Journalism and Marketing. Earned 50% of college expenses.

Course Highlights:

  • Marketing Communications
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Theory/Practice of Persuasion
  • Advertising Theory/Planning
  • News Editing
  • Graphic Arts
  • Organizing Mass Communications Productions


ADVERTISING AND REPORTING: Advertising Intern (Summer 2015), Sun Newspapers of Omaha. Responsibilities were handling and servicing various account departments, the advertising director’s accounts, designing and laying out ad selling ad space, and working traffic control.

Feature Reporter (Summer 2015, 2016), Eldora Herald Index. Wrote feature articles, covered city council meetings, headlines, sold and laid out advertising for a special insert.

Stencil Designer (Summer 1990), Dodger Gym Manufacturing. Designed in-house stencils for customer orders and stenciled athletic wear. Standing job with Dodger Gym for all semester and spring breaks.

Hostess/Waitress; Crew Boss, Shipping Department.


University of Iowa athletic scholarship, scholarship loan from Miriam Brown Educational Trust Fund, Dolphin Queen candidate.


Member/team captain of Women’s Intercollegiate Basketball Team, intramural athletics, selected members of Greek Expansion Task Force, publications/historian Pi Beta Phi, March of Dime Fund Drive.


References available at Career Services and Placement Center, Iowa Memorial Union, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 52242, (319) 353-3147.

Advertising copywriter, media trainee

Advertising Assistant-New Graduate


New Graduate Resume

New Graduate Resume

Advertising Assistant

Advertising Assistant