Best Cover Letter Templates

By | October 29, 2017

What is a cover letter and why to use a template for it?

A cover letter is a small text, which the applicant sends along with the resume by email. As a rule, the letter is not sent by a separate attached file, but is the body of the e-mail. If you send a resume through a job portal, then, as a rule, you will receive a letterhead.

In a cover letter, the candidate should briefly talk about himself, his experience and professional skills, and also explain why he wants to work in the company where he sends the resume along with the cover letter.

Not everyone has an experience of writing the cover letter. Its format, the sequence of paragraphs and some other rules are not so easy to remember for a good cover letter. This is where templates get in our help. They guide us through the whole process and take our mistakes to minimum. That is why using templates for your cover letter, especially if it’s your first time writing it, is very helpful.

Best Cover Letter Templates

Best Cover Letter Templates

When to send a cover letter?

Candidates usually should send their cover letters if its written in the job’s requirements. You can though send it even if it is not required to show that you put some extra effort to it. Its presence is especially important in two cases:


– if a student or a recent graduate of a university sends a summary without experience.

As a rule, there is nothing to boast about in such a resume, so the letter is a great way to show your desire to work and gain experience, to tell about yourself more than the resume allows;


– if the applicant changes the field of activity and sends a resume to a position for which he clearly does not have enough experience.

In this case, the letter is an opportunity to show your motivation, to tell you why you want to change the scope and what experience / knowledge you already have to work in a new profession.

Best Cover Letter Templates

Best Cover Letter Templates

Example of a cover letter template

Here is an example of a cover letter template to give you a clear understanding.

Hello, dear (name of the head of the company). My name is (full name and last name). I am an expert in the field (your field of activity). I have a specialized education and work experience in this field for ___ years. I write to you for the purpose of possible work in your organization, in a position related to (list the desired functional responsibilities, only very briefly, starting with the purpose of your activity inside the company, ending with the means of achieving it).

Your company impresses me / is interesting (list the merits of the company you are applying to, what you know: for example, competitiveness, prestige, the desire for leadership, good reputation, caring for employees, your price list is favorably different from similar companies, the quality of products, And much more). In this structure, I would like to develop my professional skills, bringing a tangible return to the company.

Best Cover Letter Templates

Best Cover Letter Templates

I can be useful (give arguments and facts, explain what benefits you can really bring to the company, what is the benefit for the employer, for example: I can organize a high-quality sales structure, implement a financial scheme, provide information security, build a dealer network, attract additional customers, Debug the supply system, etc.).

Therefore, please consider my resume and, in case of interest, schedule a personal interview. Priority contact:

Tel: _____

Yours faithfully, (a surname, a name).

This was an example of a cover letter template, now let’s see the other best cover letter templates Internet offers us!

Best Cover Letter Templates

Best Cover Letter Templates


As we’ve already mentioned above, using templates is an effective way of writing professional and outstanding cover letters. To save you time, we’ve found you websites that offer the best templates for you for this purpose. Here they are:

  1. Hudson – Hudson has 4 free cover letter templates that are very accurately formatted. These include a response to a job, to a hiring manager, and to the recruiter.
  2. Hloom – . This website offers you up to 283 free printable cover letter templates.
  3. Up to Work – . Up to work has lots of basic, professional and creative templates.
  4. Novoresume Beta – . You can find modern, standard, creative, classic, professional and basic types of the templates for cover letters.
  5. DayJob – . DayJob offers you free templates and examples for your cover letter.

We hope that with the help of these websites you can find best cover letter templates of your choice and write an outstanding cover letter of yourself!