Best Youtube Templates

By | October 25, 2017


There are 6 free ways to attract subscribers to your YouTube Channel:

  • Using annotations in a video.
  • A call to subscribe to the video itself.
  • Friendly recommendations.
  • Personal invitations.
  • Commenting on other channels.
  • Using attractive YouTube banners

And, now, let’s talk more about each method.

Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • Use of annotations

Use of annotations in the video itself increases the conversion of subscribers on the YouTube channel. It is a fact. Annotations are used by many advanced YouTube users.

The annotation is a clickable message that appears in the video itself and contains a message for the viewer.

Annotations are added to your YouTube channel from the “Video Manager” section.

Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • A call to subscribe to the video itself

The essence of the method is that in the video itself you should call people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

For example, at the beginning of a video (and this is important, since not all videos are viewed till the end), after giving an intro to your video’s topic, ask the listeners to subscribe before getting to the main part.

Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • Friendly recommendations

There are many different channels on YouTube, you can negotiate with several of them about mutual recommendations. To do this, on your channel in the section “Friends” or “Interesting” (you can name the section in different ways, you choose its name), you put links to these channels, in return they put a link to your channel. Naturally, you need to access the channels from about your attendance, because Untwisted channels are unlikely to pay attention to you, unless of course it’s your friends.

Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • Personal Invitations

This is probably the most complex and tedious, but effective and free way to attract subscribers to a new channel on YouTube. In this way, you can literally recruit 200-300 subscribers in 1 to 2 weeks. To achieve this result, you must send 40-50 personal invitations daily to registered YouTube users.

How to do it?

  • Enter your keyword into the YouTube search
  • Select the channels with the largest number of subscribers.
  • Open the most popular videos in these channels and look below under the video, who commented.
  • Open the page of each commentator and write him a personal message, about the following:

“Hello John, come on my channel, I have a lot of videos on the same topic … Thank you.”

  • In the message subject, indicate: “I invite you to visit my channel”.
Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • Commenting on other channels

This method is quite simple and effective. You, again, find popular videos on your topic with a lot of views and post under them your comments. Anyone who reads comments can click on your name and get on your channel. Therefore, write interesting comments to interest and cause a person’s desire to click on your name and see what else interesting you have on the channel.

  • Using attractive YouTube banners
Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

What is a YouTube Banner?

As we so above, using attractive YouTube banners is one of the ways to get more subscriptions on your YouTube Channel.

But, what is a YouTube banner?

YouTube banner is simply the background wallpaper that can be used in the channel of yours instead of that default wallpaper there, that doesn’t look nice.

What are the advantages of a YouTube banner? If you are one of those people, who do not have knowledge of making the banners, or do not have time for it, then using templates is just for you!

Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

Where to get the templates for YouTube Banners?

It’s very easy to emphasize the originality of your channel with the help of a banner template. For this purpose, you can use the following methods:

  • YouTube Gallery. YouTube offers you to choose one of the standard options for the background image. This method is considered the simplest, but it deprives the channel of uniqueness.


  • Search engines. Go to the “Images” section and enter the required query. Now use the tools to select the resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.


  • Make. If you have basic skills in working with photo editors, then you can independently make a banner for the channel on YouTube.


  • Use Ready templates. There are dozens websites, groups, where you can find ready-made banner templates.
Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates


What does a good template for YouTube banner do for you?

  • YouTube Banner Template is used to get your wallpapers with no knowledge of any programs for creating wallpapers for your channel, with no graphing and design skills.


  • Banner Templates for YouTube also give you variety of choices of making your YouTube channel look beautiful.
Best Youtube Templates

Best Youtube Templates

  • YouTube Banner Template, at the same time, helps you to finish your work in a little time since the size, color, images, headings, even fonts and font sizes are ready and what you have to do is to change anything in it with your own content. You should not necessarily change everything on it, it is of your choice to keep the things you like.

Below is a list of the websites that offer free and ready to use templates for your channel’s wallpaper.

  1. Canva –
  2. YouTube Theme –
  3. Tuts plus –
  4. CT Social –
  5. Panzoid –
  6. Every Interaction –
  7. Net –
  8. Banner Snack –
  9. com –
  10. com –

We hope you liked the article and now, can use a YouTube banner template, edit it for your taste and create an eye-grabbing wallpaper for your channel.