Bill of Sale Template

By | October 30, 2017

What is a bill of sale?

Bills of sales are used when people buy some goods, including dogs, horses, boats and cars. A bill of sale is a record of sale indicating that the item has been sold by a particular seller for a certain date, and for a certain amount of money.

Sales bill may need to comply with state regulations. For example, lots of countries require a vehicle bill to read a mileage counter. Also, both parties can sign a sales invoice, but in many cases only who sells the product, needs to sign it.

Sales template can be used as a credit component,too. In instance, if you are purchasing a car, the entire contract can be edited as an invoice, but technically the title cannot be rolled over until all the payments that need to be made are made. Government laws regulate credit / invoice sales associations, as some sellers or lenders may abuse the practices described above.

A sales bill may also include warranty (promises and commitments related to the item’s status or history).

Since it is too hard to write a sales bill yourself, it is advised to use a bill of sale template, following the rules and regulations of your country.

Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale Template

When is a bill of sale used?

Most states require a bill of sale as a purchase document. An invoice is often used to sell or purchase a product.

If you are selling a less valuable item such as clothes, you have a personal preference for whether you want time to prepare a sales invoice.

Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale Template

What information does a bill of sale contain?

A bill of sale contains the information below:

  • Purchase date
  • Seller and buyer name and address
  • Amount paid for transfer of ownership
  • Definition of transferred assets
  • Representation or guarantees
  • Seller, buyer and notary signature

When preparing even a simple bill of a sale, be sure to meet your state requirements, which will vary according to your situation. For example, some countries require only the recipient to sign the document, while others require both the recipient and the seller to sign the document. Still other states are demanding that the form is notarized.

Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale Template

Bill of sale templates

Writing sales bills are really hard, so it is almost impossible to write them without a template. But, in any case, templates are huge help for writing them. Although there are not so many options of bill of sale templates, since they differ from country to country, you can still find some that will give you a hand of help.

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Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale Template

You can use this and other websites to help you write a bill of sale. Among these sites you can find those, which offer the templates free of charge, and some, that actually charge you money for it. Some of these sites also give you an opportunity to make your bill of sale online.

After you have done entering your own data to these templates, make sure you give the ready bill of sale to someone professional in this field to check it for you.

We hope you have got all of the information you need about the bill of sale and its templates. Go ahead, choose a bill of sale template and start writing your own one!