Car insurance company in Maryland

By | April 7, 2017

Today we’re going to answer the questions; Should I contact my car insurance company after an accident?

The answer to that questions is : Yes

Car accident lawyers in Maryland

You want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Sometimes individuals like to contact their insurance company at the scene.

An that’s smart to do.

Sometimes even when you contact your insurance company at the scene, your insurance company will ask to speak to the other driver or the driver at fault.

The reason they want to do that is they’d like to talk to the drive and ask him any questions as to how the accident occurred.

And to also speeds up the claim process for you getting your vehicle fixed or maybe getting a rental car.

So that while your vehicle is being fixed you’ll be able to get around.

Car insurance company in Maryland

So, asked the questions or when you ask yourself the question, Should I contact my insurance company, your insurance company that you pay premiums to?

The answer is yes, you want to contact them as soon as possible and notify them you’ve been involved in an accident and make sure you write down any numbers they give you regarding claim numbers of information.

And get the name of the adjuster and the phone number for that adjuster at your insurance company.

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