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What is a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate?

When submitted to different government departments, a who must notarize a copy of the birth certificate? This refers to situations where it is out of control of the original metric. But it should be borne in mind that, for a variety of reasons, CoP approved by a notary can not be recognized everywhere. What does… Read More »

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How is a Data Warehouse different from a Regular Database?

What is a Data Warehouse? A data ware house is a digital environment to which the different data come from the different sources. It can be confused with the regular database but their methods are not same with each other. In real; also warehouse system is a database on basically but it focuses on the… Read More »

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Heat Capacity of Air

What is the Heat Capacity? This is also known as Thermal Capacity. Heat Capacity is the amount of the heat which can be used to change temperature of a substance by 1°C. In other words we can express this; it is a derivative of the heat of a substance to the temperature of that substance.… Read More »

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What is Pro Forma?

Pro Forma Information As a word; Pro forma as basically means estimated! In addition to this, also it means pre-prepared and formal. It can be used for the comparison purposes. Especially in financial areas this is very important. You can prepare a table for compare; for example- pf documents for the last three years. It… Read More »

Minecraft Fence

One of the biggest reasons for the increasing computer, tablet and phone dependency in the world is games. In recent years we have seen these electronic devices in the hands of almost every child, teenager and adult. In 2009, this game was added to the madness of a new addition, and it was able to… Read More »

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Minecraft Color Codes

During the period of information and technology that we live in, especially during the period of the game sector has undergone a lot of changes in the historical process and presented to the service of its users. In these games, some of them have become a phenomenon almost as massive as they have reached in… Read More »

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Supply Chain Management Strategy Planning and Operation

WHAT IS SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT? Supply chain management (SCM) is the tracking of materials, information and finances during the process from supplier to manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer. Supply chain management entails the coordination and integration of these flows, both within the same company and between different companies. It is said that the main objective… Read More »

What is Definition of Long Term Debt to Equity Ratio?

WHAT IS DEBT TO EQUITY RATIO? It is a financial ratio obtained by dividing both long and short-term debts (sum of current and non-current liabilities) by the net worth of a company. Indicates the external financing (proportion of debt) that the company has. From this ratio we obtain, on the one hand, the ratio of… Read More »

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The Best Romance Anime

Bokura Ka İta      There are some people who say its drawing is bad, but drawing of an anime is not the most important criteria when judging an anime. The subject of this anime is so gripping and if you don’t watch this anime you will miss lots of things. The main subject focuses on… Read More »

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Flow Cytometry Systems

Flow cytometry systems is an intracellular device. The flow can be analyzed up to 20 parameters. Flow cytometry is commonly used in academic studies and for the diagnosis and follow-up of diseases associated with the patient’s immune system. Sample preparation, instrument calibration, data collection and data analysis. The flow cytometry systems consists of 4 steps.… Read More »