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Common Verbs in English

Most Common English Verbs List One of the mostly used languages in the world is English. English gives you a chance to study at the best universities, it allows you to participate in international events, opens you a wide access to knowledge, it helps you to find more jobs and travel around the world with… Read More »

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Main Parts of Production

Economic System The economic system is a complex multifaceted phenomenon (“system” means a connection consisting of parts). The economic system is a part of society and has its own structure, the most important component of which is the production of material goods that meets the needs of society. In the structure of the economic system,… Read More »

To Whom it May Concern Letter

What is ‘To whom it may concern’ letter? We write letters for different formal reasons nowadays. And most of the written letters are business letters. It is important to write them as accurately as possible, taking into consideration each detail. One of the details to pay attention to is a salute to the person or… Read More »

Debt to Equity Ratio Formula

WHAT İS DEBT TO EQUITY RATIO? Debt to equity ratio is a ratio to measure company’s financial leverage. The values gotten from it help analysts to identify additional profitability growth potential, assess the degree of possible risks and determine the dependence of the level of profit on external and internal factors. With the help of… Read More »

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What is Minecraft Fence?

What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a legendary computer game, which differs in its own style, fascinating plot and in which both boys and girls play with the same pleasure. The main feature of Minecraft is its simple graphics, created in the genre of “sandboxes”. A fascinating fantasy world consists entirely of blocks, and you will… Read More »

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Most Common English Verbs List

WHY TO LEARN ENGLISH? Knowing English can greatly improve your life. Imagine: knowing it, you can access a lot of interesting information, talk with interesting people from different parts of the world, get a better job, surprise everyone with your education. Why to learn it? In our time, English can be called the language of… Read More »

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Follow up Email Writing Guide

What is a follow up email? A follow up email is an email that can be sent after the interviews, sending a resume or while you are in a job search process. It is an email sent to get rid of any misunderstandings, or to say about what you forgot or failed to say and… Read More »

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Five Factors of Production

What are the factors of production? The factors of production are used in the production process. When the lands combine with capital, labor and other factors then they bring out goods and services. Natural resources are included in land and human resources are included in labor. There are many goods and services that can meet… Read More »

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List of Metallic Bond Compounds

What is a metallic bond? A force which ensure the atoms of a metal be together is called a metallic bond. There are 3 chemical bonds; Covalent and ionic bonds. This bond is occurred between the metal elements. Electrons are exchanged among the metals through the related bond. Ionic and covalent bonds are chemical bonds… Read More »

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Strength of Polar Covalent Bond

What is a Polar Covalent Bond? A polar covalent bond is one of the covalent bond types. Covalent bond occurs between the two non-metal atoms by the use of the common electrons. There are two types of the covalent bond; polar and non-polar bond. Polar bond has no electron exchange between atoms; the electrons in… Read More »

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