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Points to Note in SWOT Analysis Template

WHAT IS SWOT ANALYSIS? The state of the company depends on how well it is able to respond to various external influences. It is necessary to identify the most significant factors for a particular period of time, when analyzing the outside situation. The interrelated consideration of these factors with the capabilities of the company allows… Read More »

What is Regression Analysiss?

Regression analysis is very much important for data mining. Used to measure the magnitude of the relationship between variables. Regression analysis can be performed using a single variable or multiple variables. In many cases, the other variables affecting the dependent variable are assumed to be fixed (in the form of Ceteris Paribus). It is determined… Read More »

Regression Analysis Examples

What is a Regression Analysis? An analysis of regression is the method of analysis used to measure the connection between two or more variables. If a single variable is used in the analysis, it is called univariate regression; on the other side if there is more than one variable it is called multivariable regression analysis.… Read More »

Punnett Square Calculator

What is a Punnett square calculator? The development of technology does not stand still and with each passing day, year and decade, it simplifies both ordinary life and professional life. From this point of view the appearance of the Punnett square calculator has made the professional work of scientists of biologists, botanists and students much… Read More »

What is the Data Analysis done for?

What is data analysis? According to statistics, more than 80% of business people working in the financial, manufacturing or service sector note that data analysis is one of the priorities of any company. This is due primarily to the fact that data become one of the factors of business development and as a result of… Read More »

Product Life Cycle Management

Stages of the Product Life Cycle Management Why firms need management strategies? All products in the market must be supported with advertisement strategies because sale rates must keep   at the higher level and some strategies are developed to achieve this goal. This process also helps to the investors for extending life time of the product.… Read More »

What is SWOT Analysis Template?

What is SWOT analysis template in exact? Most of firms start to discover new opportunities. SWOT analysis template helps you controlling threats and disappear them totally. Actually, using these analysis template can help you in two ways. There are two ways to benefit from this type of analysis; Realizing strength ways! Thanks to this analysis,… Read More »

Flow Cytometry Analysis

What is the flow cytometry analysis in exact? With developing technology, people use different ways in their own lives for many areas. In scientific areas, many researchers can benefit from these improvements and also developments. In this way, they cannot have to waste of time and effort. One of the important scientific devices is flow… Read More »