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Animal Cell Anatomy

What is the animal cell anatomy? The cell is source of life. We live, so we thanks to cell.  The cell is the center of life events and nanoparticles are found in many tissues.  A cell is composed of many organelles and these organelles are of vital importance. The protoplasm inside a dice comes to… Read More »

Differences Between Animal and Plant Cell

WHAT IS A CELL? Cells are tiny “bricks”, of which the human body consists. What does the cell look like? The cells are so tiny that you can not just see them. They can not be seen through the magnifying glass. The cell can be seen with a special device – a microscope. What do… Read More »

Dog Nutrition

Can dogs eat strawberries? There are a lot of foods and fruits that we like. And if we have a little doggie with us at home, we want to share what we eat with them. But, of course, it’s not a good decision, since just because we like something does not mean that our dog… Read More »

Animal Cell Features

Structure of an animal cell Cells are small units forming living things. People began to know about the cells and their structure after the finding of a microscope. Every living being have cells, so do the animals. Animal Cells cytoplasm organelles where important events such as feeding and evacuation, respiration of cells are realized. The… Read More »

Which Foods can Dogs Consume?

CAN DOGS EAT STRAWBERRİES? When it is summer time all of us want to eat fresh cold fruits to cool up. And if your doggie is with you, you would probably want to share it with him. Then you back up and think ‘can dogs eat strawberries?’. It is a good question to ask, since… Read More »

Springer Spaniel Puppies

The English springer spaniel is a gun dog that belongs to Spaniel family. Its average lifespan is between twelve to fourteen years. Also, we can describe it as a medium-sized compact dog. It has a wagging tail and its coat seems long because of feathering on the legs. Additionally, less pendulous ears are intrinsic to… Read More »