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APA Referencing Style Guide

What is APA Reference Page? APA reference page is the page that shows the references used in a project generally in the social sciences. This page includes the writing and the format rules to cite something that you want in the text.  We can say that this APA page is a guide for the users… Read More »

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APA Cover Page

What is APA Cover Page? APA is the short form of American Psychological Association. There are 3-4 formats that are most known in article writing. The most known of these is APA. This format is also used frequently in writing theses. Cover page which is in APA should include some important points. We can say… Read More »

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What is APA Reference Page?

APA reference page APA reference page refers to the References list at the end of the paper and in-text citation. General source materials—dictionaries, fact books, encyclopedias, indexes, guides, bibliographies, and so on—that can guide your preliminary research (most reference materials are now available in electronic form). Reference list is an alphabetically arranged list of sources… Read More »

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APA Writing Style

This presentation discusses foundations of APA. It provides the basics for students new to the APA writing style. There are three learning objectives of this presentation. First, by the end of this presentation you should understand the basics of APA formatting needed for your assignments. Second, you should be able to identity and avoid common… Read More »

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APA in Text Citations

This short tutorial will take you through the basic elements of citing your research sources in APA style. Why do I use research? Research is there to support your argument, not to make it for you. Use material you find in books, journals, and websites as evidence that your conclusions are reasonable and valid. Always… Read More »

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