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Supply Chain Management Strategy Planning and Operation

WHAT IS SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT? Supply chain management (SCM) is the tracking of materials, information and finances during the process from supplier to manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer. Supply chain management entails the coordination and integration of these flows, both within the same company and between different companies. It is said that the main objective… Read More »

Best Business Letter Format

WHAT İS A BUSINESS LETTER? A business letter is an integral part of business documentation, one of its subspecies. This is a short document that performs several functions and deals with one or more interrelated issues. A business letter, being a tool for creating an image and interaction with partners, is used to communicate with… Read More »

What is a Business Plan Template?

WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN? The business plan is a document that provides a detailed justification for the project and an opportunity to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of decisions taken, planned activities, and answer the question of whether to invest in this project. WHY TO USE A BUSINESS PLAN? Having chosen your own business, it… Read More »

What is Human Resource Management?

What is Human Resources management? In order for the answer to be answered, it is necessary to know the organizational structure of the companies that produce the products and services or, more generally, the enterprises. As it is known, the enterprises are composed of various units for the organization of the production and marketing of… Read More »

Standard Business Card Size

This way you do not have to waste paper and do not have to cost extra paper.                  What do you think of the standard business card size you need to look at when designing?                 Other than these, the design and cutting can vary in scale depending on the shape. In the design of… Read More »

What is a Business Letter?

 Business Letter is very important workplaces. Letters of trade and industry sent to each other and to each other and to these institutions are called business letters. In these letters, the business uses white paper with letterhead (letterhead) bearing the name of the company. Using a typewriter (or computer) is a well-established rule. Business letters,… Read More »

What are Data Warehouses used for?

What is the data warehouse?   First, it should be known that data warehouse is not a program or product. The data warehouse is an architecture that is a medium. The data warehouse is a repository for collectors and historical data in an understandable and easily accessible structure after receiving, cleaning and replacing data from different operational systems, call centers and similar sources.   In other words, data warehouse is a relational database designed to be used for querying and analysis rather than database movement. In general, it may include historical information from motion data, as well as information from other sources. With the workload of database movement, the analysis distinguishes the burden from each other, allowing the information gathered from different sources to be organized more easily.   As I mentioned above, the information to be transferred to the data warehouse passes through a number of operations before being transferred to the data warehouse. The data passes through the ETL process before entering the data warehouse. In this way, depending on how to use the given data, the desired format is inserted.   Solutions  So what is this ETL? First, let’s look at the opening of the ETL. ETL; Extract: Receiving data from the source system, Transform: The data have to go through certain transformations in order to be appropriate for our production. That is to say, cleaning and improving the quality of a certain kind, Load: means that the data is loaded into the target system. ETL in brief; the data is retrieved from the source system, changed accordingly, and loaded into the data warehouse. Another data quality method is ELT. ELT (Extract Load Transform) is; the data is again taken from the source system, but this time the transform is performed after loading into the system. ELTA With these transactions, Data Cleaning, Data Conforming, It’s called Data Quality. So why is the quality of the data warehouse so important? If the data in the data warehouse were very irregular and were in a situation where it was not possible to operate on the allele, we could get wrong results in our queries. For example; When we want to choose unmarried women over 18, the data in the gender block are female, female, May be entered in shapes. In this case, we will have lost a significant amount of future data when we take our inquiry as a lady.… Read More »

How to write the Check?

What is the check and how to write the check? What is the check? İt’s the very important for banks.  The check is bill. And the check is defined to another word of the Money. This is name of Money. Another name of check is contract between the person- person or person – bank.  The… Read More »

Human Resource Management Job Analysis

What do you mean Human Resource management? Obtain this information  business analysis in large measure. Job analysis, the quality of a job, The conditions for not doing business, the skills, responsibility, effort and minimum success standards required to do business. They must be made to determine. In the most general sense, To be examined and… Read More »

Best Business Plan Template

WHAT IS A BUSINESS PLAN? A business plan is a document that: Describes all the main aspects of the future enterprise or project. Analyzes all the problems that it may encounter. Defines ways to solve identified problems. A correctly drawn up business plan is a clear answer to the questions: Is it worth investing in… Read More »