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Standard Business Card Size

This way you do not have to waste paper and do not have to cost extra paper.                  What do you think of the standard business card size you need to look at when designing?                 Other than these, the design and cutting can vary in scale depending on the shape. In the design of… Read More »

Where can you find a Business Card Template?

WHAT İS A BUSİNESS CARD? Business cards came into use in ancient China and were intended to represent the identity of civil servants – their name and position. In the European society business cards have come into use not so long ago. Printed business cards were used in France to represent the identity of the… Read More »

How to Write a Postcard?

What are postcards? Postcards are a great and personal way of sending greetings to your friends and loved ones while you are traveling abroad. On postcards, you can see natural landscapes, images from the city, or photos of historical and touristic places. You can send these cards with the visuals on the front side to… Read More »