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Online UML Diagram Tool

What is a UML Diagram? UML means with open expression Unified Modeling Language. As software technology develops, the complexity and difficulty of programs which are written is increasing. In Today’s world the software and hardware are intertwined. Large network systems are growing and it will be difficult to organize the complex systems and works. So,… Read More »

Network Diagram

NETWORK DIAGRAM It is called a network to the graphic representation of the activities that show their events, sequences, interrelations and the critical path. The critical path, is a method, is an administrative process of planning, programming, execution and control of each and every one of the component activities of a project that must be… Read More »

What is Uml Diagram?

Definition that is uml diagram In UML, the class definition is represented by a rectangle. The name of the highest grade class of the rectangle, the gold features and the golden pictures on it. In the class display above, our car is the name of our class. WheelStyle and Model. The special type is specified… Read More »