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Best Resume Format Examples

WHAT IS A RESUME? A resume is one of the most important documents to have when applying to any job. It will probably be written in job application requirements, but even if it is not, its essence is very important in terms of making a good first impression. Resume is a document giving short information… Read More »

Examples for Metallic Bonds

The formation and properties of a metallic bond. In order for a bond to form, atoms must be more stable (with less energy) than they once were. To summarize, when the bonds are formed, they give energy to the outside. When atoms bond, they try to match their electron arrangement to noble gases. The number… Read More »

What is Important for CV Examples?

What is a CV? CV is a superficial acquaintance of the employer with the experience and work skills. It allows you to make a complete picture of the person as a work unit. Here, all the skills and abilities, the positions on which the person worked before and the reasons for leaving them, the duties… Read More »

How should be the Resume Format?

What is a Resume? Resume is the first thing you need to have when looking for work. When you hire a job, compulsory provision of a resume is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time it is one of the most effective means of advertising on the… Read More »

How to Make a Line Graph?

What is a Line Graph? Line graphs are types of graphs that show how some value changes over time. A linear graph, like any other, has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a linear graph: a light visual perception of the graph; it is easy to find the figures of technical analysis (patterns); simple to make… Read More »

Best CV Examples

What are the CV Examples? A CV is one of the most important stages on the way to get a job! Your CV is not only a paper which includes your bio information; it reflects your qualifications, works you have done until today, your skills, your experiences, your character etc. So, an employer can decide… Read More »

Regression Analysis Examples

What is a Regression Analysis? An analysis of regression is the method of analysis used to measure the connection between two or more variables. If a single variable is used in the analysis, it is called univariate regression; on the other side if there is more than one variable it is called multivariable regression analysis.… Read More »

Job Application Form Examples

What is a job application form? A job application form is an information template which asks the candidates about their past experiences, education, business goals, hobbies, expectations, skills, contact information etc. There are questions asked by the employer; also there are blanks under the questions. The candidates answer the questions; so by this form, the… Read More »

Resignation Letter Examples

What is a resignation letter? Not everyone’s luck accompanies so much that he gets a dream job from the first attempt. Very often many have to change jobs to finally find the right place and position. Sometimes the change of work is due to personal motives or a combination of life circumstances. In any case,… Read More »