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What are the Best Business Letter Format?

What are business letters used for? Business letter is a special type of letters that is written for official purpose. Business letters can be written to directors of the companies, managers, clients and even to the customers. There are lots of different types of business letters used nowadays. All of them serve as a formal… Read More »

Business Letter Template Congratulations New Position

What is business letter template? A business letter is written to provide communications between the companies, organizations, people etc…Business letter generally should be formal and appropriate with the business correspondence rules. There are important points to note when preparing a business letter. People found its easy way and now by this method, the business letters… Read More »

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

What is a letter of recommendation? References have a big importance in the business world. When you write a recommendation letter, you may be effective in a good way for someone’s career life. A letter of recommendation is a letter which is written in order to praise and emphasize someone’s capabilities, successes etc. Your aim… Read More »

What is a Resignation Letter?

The Importance of a Resignation Letter A resignation letter is a very important document because when you quit a job; this letter will also determinant for your business reference. You should be careful and attentive in writing a letter of resignation; your last impression is important and you would better to keep your relationship with… Read More »

Professional Letter

What is Professional Letter? A professional letter is written in a professional and formal format. It may be necessary to write letters for the most various reasons in business life. The most frequently used letters are thanks letters, request letters, acceptance letters, rejection letters, inquiry letters, proposal letters etc. Each letter has its own unique… Read More »

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

What is a two weeks notice letter? A two weeks notice letter is written in order to inform the company about resignation intent. Some people don’t write any notice letter and quit the job immediately but this way may not be positive for career life. Resignation process may be a bit of distressing process. So,… Read More »

Best Letter of Recommendation Templates

What is a Letter of recommendation template? For making sure of writing proper letter of recommendation, necessity of using standard and conventional formal norms and templates appears. Therefore, you need to know and understand what rules and structure template should you follow in writing own and personal independent letter of recommendation. These templates describe the… Read More »

Resignation Letter Examples

What is a resignation letter? Not everyone’s luck accompanies so much that he gets a dream job from the first attempt. Very often many have to change jobs to finally find the right place and position. Sometimes the change of work is due to personal motives or a combination of life circumstances. In any case,… Read More »

Free Letter Templates

What is a letter? A Letter represents one of the way of nonverbal communication and appears in a massage form. It lets people exchange the information even be far from the opponent. Due to modern devices and inventions, it becomes possible to send a letter immediately via the internet by email. Purpose and spreading of… Read More »

Best Resignation Letter Templates

What is a resignation letter template? In the modern business world in the labor market there are many proposals from different employers with different working conditions. And of course, from this point of view, everyone has the right to choose the best employment option for themselves. However, before you go to find a new dream… Read More »