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Keywords for Resume

What are the keywords for a resume? It’s no secret that when large companies submit an announcement about the vacancy that opens, the flow of those wishing to this post may exceed the mark of several tens, and sometimes hundreds of people. It is very difficult to view such a summary of the resume by… Read More »

Best Resume Format

What is resume format? When you are a job seeking, you are on the way of creating your own resume that will the main criteria an employer will judge you. Resume is an overview of your personality, possibilities, and experience. Therefore, the first step you need to do is to choose format you will create… Read More »

How to Create an Impressive Customer Service Resume?

What is the customer service resume? The main thing in the work of the client service is the ability to interact with contractors and customers of the company, as well as conducting business negotiations. The applicant must know the entire range of the company’s products and look for potential buyers of services and goods. His… Read More »

Account Manager Resume

Creating an account manager resume is an important step towards getting this job. Who is the account manager and what is the feature of the account manager resume? The account manager is the one who works with the clients of the company and ensures their loyalty. The specialist ensures the fulfillment of all the client’s… Read More »

How to Create an Impressive Resume?

Why to should use resume tips while creating it? Firstly, you should ask yourself some particular questions about creating and preparing the resume. Namely, you should have a decision whether you need to the job or not. After deciding on these, you should determine what the concept of the particular job is. What is the… Read More »

Airline Reservationist

ALICE ODELL 405-738-9386 252 Maple Avenue Scarsdale, New York 10583 I have two years’ experience as a reservationist on a major domestic airline, a pleasant appearance, a personality that works well with the public, and a good speaking voice. I am seeking a position with an international travel agency as a Commissioned Consultant. WORK EXPERINCE… Read More »

Advertising Assistant – New Graduate

MARGIE RUBENSTEIN 123 Evans Avenue Available after May 16, 1993 Iowa City, Iowa 52242 1001 Eighteenth Avenue (319) 348-6666 (516) 858-3156 JOB OBJECTIVE: Advertising-assistant position with possible advancement to a career as an account executive. EDUCATION: B.A., May 2010, University of Iowa. Concentrations in Journalism and Marketing. Earned 50% of college expenses. Course Highlights: Marketing… Read More »

Accountant – Auditor

MARY DALEY, C.P.A. 128 Shortridge Drive Raleigh, North Carolina 27605 (919) 222-1597 JOB OBJECTIVE:  Position as comptroller/treasurer for small- to middle-sized service-oriented firm. WORK EXPERIENCE: 1992—present:       Accounting Supervisor, GHI Products, Columbus, North Carolina. Responsibilities include direction of all cash activities; supervision of staff of 56 persons (expanded from 43 in 1992); and preparation… Read More »

Digital Resume

Online resumes don’t necessarily read the same way print resumes do, so you’ll want to check your resume, and per­haps even make a few changes, before sending it out elec­tronically. For example, it’s okay, and even advisable, to use jargon in your online resume. Employers use key words to conduct a search, and as you… Read More »

The Computer Generated Resume

There is no longer any excuse for producing a resume with white-out erasures or sloppy typing. That’s the good news is that computer-generated resumes make editing a snap. They let you play around with the formatting to see exactly what looks right. They make it easy to write several resumes or custom-tailor resumes to specific… Read More »