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Standard Business Card Size

This way you do not have to waste paper and do not have to cost extra paper.                  What do you think of the standard business card size you need to look at when designing?                 Other than these, the design and cutting can vary in scale depending on the shape. In the design of… Read More »

What is Business Card?

What is a business card size? A business card is a card with your personal data and other information about you including your contact information and position in a company you work at. The business card is an extremely popular tool and can be made from paper, wood, and even form plastic and metals .… Read More »

Business Card Sizes

Why people should be careful about business card size and also why need it? You should determine whether you need it or not and also you should take account some points. People need to take account into business cards. There are two main ideas about why people need it: The person who is participating in… Read More »