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Pro Forma Income Statement

What is Pro Forma Income Statement? A pro forma statement is a statement that presents the income of the entity in the estimated period and the expenditures to be made in a categorical manner and summarizes the result of such period activities as profit or loss. The income and expenditure of the future period of… Read More »

Press Release Template

What is a Press Release Template? A press release is a statutory explanation giving information to the press. It can be in written format or made by verbal explanation. But anyway, it should be prepared in a written form in advance. It includes specific information. This explanation may be about an event, condition, circumstances or… Read More »

T-Shirt Template Vector

What is a T-Shirt Template? A t-shirt template is a ready vector format to create your own t-shirts! There are the various t-shirt models or colors. These templates may be in the blank formats or have many editable designs. You can put your own vector design on them and so you will able to be… Read More »

Points to Note in Timeline Template

What is a Timeline Template? A timeline template is the draft of a timeline smart sheet. Templates are the ready programs so they allow creating the documents in an easier and practical way. Making a timeline is necessary for a work management. Through a timeline it is possible to organize the events, tracking the plans… Read More »

What is Pro Forma?

Pro Forma Information As a word; Pro forma as basically means estimated! In addition to this, also it means pre-prepared and formal. It can be used for the comparison purposes. Especially in financial areas this is very important. You can prepare a table for compare; for example- pf documents for the last three years. It… Read More »

How Birth Certificate should be?

The birth certificate is a document with the name, surname, date of birth, place of birth and international validity of the name of the mother and father. If the child is newborn and this birth has been in the country where the parents live, this document will be taken from the appropriate authorities within the… Read More »

How to Design a T-shirt?

Clothing is always among the needs of both men and women. Today, clothing has become an area of ​​interest rather than necessity, which is especially thoughtful and leads to the development of the concept of fashion. With the beginning of fashion trend, firms produce a lot of clothes such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies. All of… Read More »

What is a Flyer Template?

WHAT IS A FLYER? A flyer, as the cheapest and most printed material, is most often used to carry out “short-term” advertising campaigns.   The main purpose of flyers is the targeted delivery of information, when it is necessary to bring to the attention of the audience any advertising or other message in a short… Read More »

Income Statement Template

WHAT IS AN INCOME STATEMENT? The income statement is the main operating report that shows how much profit you have received over the period. It is a tabular representation of the financial performance of the organization for a certain period. The income statement discloses the key financial indicators of the company’s operations, such as revenue,… Read More »

Points to Note in Bootstrap Template

WHAT IS A BOOTSTRAP? Bootstrap is a CSS framework. It is the most popular framework, its nearest competitor is 3-5 times smaller than the community. Secondly, it is not only css, but also a js-framework.  Bootstrap ready written scripts and styles, the use of which you only need to register the necessary style classes and… Read More »