Common Verbs in English

By | October 31, 2017

Most Common English Verbs List

One of the mostly used languages in the world is English. English gives you a chance to study at the best universities, it allows you to participate in international events, opens you a wide access to knowledge, it helps you to find more jobs and travel around the world with ease.

So why not to know the most common verbs in this language?! We say verbs, because verbs are one of the most important parts of any language. By only knowing them better we can get a lot better in any language, as well as in English.

Have you ever wondered what words are used the most in one of the widest spoken languages in the world?

Verbs List

Verbs List

Below you can find the most common English verbs list.

  1. To be;
  2. To have;
  3. To go;
  4. To make;
  5. To know;
  6. Will;
  7. To see;
  8. To work;
  9. To help;
  10. To learn;
  11. To spend;
  12. To win;
  13. To find;
  14. To use;
  15. May;
  16. Can;
  17. To Call;
  18. To love;
  19. To understand;
  20. To remember.
Verbs List

Verbs List

List of verb types

Verbs are doing words. They express the actions we make and our states of being, like loving, caring, running, dancing, swimming, looking and etc.

Because there are lots of verbs in English, they need to be separated into groups.

Here we introduce you the list of types of verbs in English with their short explanation.

Here are 8 types of verbs in English:

-action verbs – show some kind of action;

-state verbs –  show a state of being;

– main verbs – can stand by themselves in a sentence;

Verbs List

Verbs List

– helping verbs – are used with main verbs;

– regular verbs- form the past tense with a rule;

– irregular verbs – form the past tense not obeying any rules;

– transitive verbs – transfer their action to someone or something;

– intransitive verbs- do not transfer their action to anyone.

Verbs List

Verbs List

English Regular Verbs List

Regular verbs make most of the verbs in English and they are the verbs that maket he past tense following a special rule. This rule is very basic, saying that it is enough only to add -d, -ed, or -ied to the ending of the verbs and it is going to form the past tense.

Below you can find the 20 most common regular verbs in English language with their past tense:

1.To play – played;

  1. To Believe – believed;
  2. To live – lived;
  3. To happen – happened;
  4. To continue – continued;
  5. To remember – remembered;
  6. To open – opened;
  7. To close – closed;
  8. To Try – tried;
  9. To call – called;
  10. To use – used;
Verbs List

Verbs List

12.To die – died;

  1. To agree – agreed;
  2. To increase – increased;
  3. To stay – stayed;
  4. To explain – explained;
  5. To love – loved;
  6. To kill – killed;
  7. To send – sent;
  8. To stop – stopped.
Verbs List

Verbs List

English Irregular Verbs List

Irregular or strong verbs do not follow any rule when forming the past tense. Each of them has its own form and should be remembered.

Below you are given  20 common irregular verbs in English.

  1. To choose – chose;
  2. To buy – bought;
  3. To come – came;
  4. To cost – cost;
  5. To find – found;
  6. To give – gave;
  7. To learn – learnt;
  8. To send – sent;
  9. To win – won;
  10. To write – wrote;
  11. To stand – stood;
  12. To sing – sang;
  13. To lose – lost;
  14. To make – made;
  15. To read – read;
  16. To sell – sold;
  17. To sleep – slept;
  18. To run – ran;
  19. Know – knew;
  20. To have – had.

We hope that you’ve liked the article, and added some more to your knowledge of verbs in English with our most common English verbs list!

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