Cover Letter Example for Job Application

By | June 2, 2017

We always hear people who have a job talk about how they spent time and worked on their CV and cover letter and how it positively affected the job selection process for them?

What is a Cover Letter? What is a use of it?

To be selected to almost any job you will have to write a cover letter, in other words, a letter of application. The cover letter is a tool to show why you want to get the specific job and why the employer should choose you instead of other people in the same line with you. This letter gives you a chance to provide additional details about your experiences and skills and is always sent with your resume. The letter of application gives an information about you and it is the thing that makes first impression on the employer. Many people confuse cover letter with resume or Curriculum Vitae, but it is totally different. You don’t give the same information you have in your CV or resume, but you write why you think you are a good match for that job. In other words, it includes the reasons why you sent your CV or resume. Since it makes the first impression on people that you want to be selected by, you have to spend some time and make it as impressive as possible.

Employers read the letters of application as a way to choose the best candidate and to decide which candidate is going to the next step, which is interview. You don’t always have to write it though; if it is required, you will see it between the requirements in job posting. Even if it is not posted there, it would be good to have it, since it will make an impression that you take this job serious and have put extra work and time in it.

Cover Letter for Job Application

Cover Letter for Job Application

Types of Cover Letters

What are the types of cover letters? There are different types of letters of application today. You should be choosing the one that suits your job requirements the best. These are: the application letter, networking cover letter, targeted letter, referral letter, recommendation cover letter and a few others.

What Should a Good Cover Letter Contain?

A cover letter, as we already stated, should not be the copy of your resume. It should support your resume. The reason you write it is to express your clear objective. You have to clearly explain the reason you are writing in the first place. It should be focused mainly on your skills and not the experiences you have already stated in your resume. Another important thing is references. Make sure to include them there, too.

To make an effective cover letter, you also have to include the reasons of your interest to that specific job. While including your skills in your cover letter, don’t forget to state the occasions where you had to use those skills. This is the way to show that you have an experience and not only interest in them.

Cover Letter for Job Application

Cover Letter for Job Application

How to write a Cover Letter?

Since we already saw what the cover letter is what makes a good cover letter, what to include and what to not in them, we can start on thinking how to write an effective cover letter for your application. Below we stated the outlines of the things that should be included in cover letters. Before reading this text you may want to read some cover letter samples, so that you get a visual idea of how to put all of that information in a paper.

A Header
Here you give your contact information. Make sure it is the same with the one you have in your resume, because you are going to give them together.

What should your contact information include?
Your First and Your Last Name
Your Address
City, Zip Code
Phone Number

A Greeting
It looks nice when you start your cover letter with greeting. If you don’t know for sure if you contact with female or male, you may write the full name. You may not even know the name. In this case just write “Dear Hiring Manager” to make it look nicer than formal way.

A Good Introduction
First write the job you are applying for. You can, as well include where you have heard about this job and position. State why you thought your skills and experience match this position; that’s why you decided to apply for it. If you get the employers attention in thiis part, it will go all the way.

Body of the Cover Letter
In a few paragraphs, try to get the reader understand the reason you are interested in this position and why you are an excellent candidate for it. Don’t only restate your resume, try to give them examples showing your abilities.

Cover Letter Closing
In this section of your letter of appliccation, state again how your skills and experiences make you a matching candidate for the company.

Not that you would love to get to the second step and get a chance of interview and get more detailed information about the employment.

Write what you plan to achieve in the future if you get accepted to this position.

At the end of your cover letter type your name and include your accurate signature.

Check the font and the size.

The font you use have to match the font you have used in your resume. It has to be easy to read. The fonts like Calibri, Georgia, Arial, and Times New Roman are just fine. A font size is better to be chosen between 10 and 14 to make it easy to read.

Add spaces where needed.

Make sure your letter of application match the professional standards.

Are you ready to begin?

Do you need a good cover letter for a job?

If you are new to this area you would probably want to use cover letter examples for job applications. Check the cover letter examples for job applications today and see how easy they are!