Describe Yourself

By | November 1, 2017

Can you describe yourself?

It is one of the most asked questions of interviews. Even though you already introduced yourself in your resume or CV, the employer still wants you to answer this question. And you won’t want to think about the answer when you are in interview. It is better to think about it beforehand, since because of the stress and excitement you will not be able to give a good response.

The most favorite question by recruiters and the least liked by the contestants is the question: “Tell us about yourself.” No interview is complete without this question, all who have at least once got a job, heard it. But despite such popularity, often competitors are lost: “What can I say? Talk about the red diploma of the institute? Or maybe you should describe your character in general? “.

In fact, describing yourself is quite an ordinary form of acquaintance between the employer and the candidate. But what does the employer want to hear, what information is important to him, when he asks to describe yourself?

Describe Yourself

Describe Yourself

 What is that needs to be mentioned?

There are two most basic and important rules for answering this question.

The first one is to tell a useful information for the employer, and the second one is to not tell the story of your life.

You do not need to go into personal biography and start out in spatial conversations. Focus on professional knowledge, skills, achievements. Briefly, but not missing the nuances, tell them about previous experience in other companies. Avoid negativity. Emphasize your strengths, stop on the details that competently and interestingly present you as a job seeker for this vacancy.

Describe Yourself

Describe Yourself

How to describe yourself?

1.Tell your name and your biography shortly. Your name, your age, where you are from, where do you stay is pretty enough for this.

  1. Tell about your education data. Where you are studying now and where have you studied before.
  2. State your goals. While stating the goals, you can tell the recruiter why you chose this profession and the way you are planning your career, the place you want to see yourself at.
  3. Give a brief information on your knowledge, skills and achievements. Not about all of them, just about those that will increase your chances of getting this specific job.
  4. Talk briefly about your personal characteristics. Associate your personal qualities with your future work! Be natural.
  5. 6. Get to conclusion. Do not wait for them to stop you. Try to keep your speech within 3 minutes. For conclusion, you can say something like ‘If you have any questions, I am ready to answer’.
Describe Yourself

Describe Yourself

Example of an answer to the question

For a better idea in your mind, let’s look at an example:

“My name is John Smith. I am 26 years old. I live in Chicago. In 2011, I graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Chicago State University. Trainings and experiences in this field made me believe that choosing this specialty was a very good choice. I want to work as a marketer in your company, because the vacancy provides not only the analyst, but also the promotion of products. The use of English is very important to me. I believe I am a good fit for this position since I am creative and sociable, which are the important skills needed. I like to set professional goals and achieve them! ”

We hope you are now familiar with this question and how to answer it and won’t get stuck on it in your interview. Now, last tip to mention- describe yourself with pride!

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