Where can you find a Family Tree Template?

By | October 26, 2017

What is a family tree?

Every one of us has made a family tree at least once in his/her life. You, too, probably have had that opportunity. A family tree is a template that shows our big family members altogether.

We all know who our grandmothers and grandfathers, line ancestors are, but most of us, probably, do not know who come after our line ancestors. That is what the family trees are for. They help us to get to know and remember of our great family members.

In instance, you met your grandfather’s sister’s son at park. He knows that you are relatives, but you unsure of what kind of relationship you have with him. No one would like to be in such a shameful situation, so let’s talk about the family tree templates and find out how to make one.

Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template

How to make a family tree template?

Different ways can be applied when making family tree templates. These include using easy family tree template maker programs, downloading the templates online and editing them, making them yourself.

As we will talk about the others later, let’s first talk about the last option, making them yourself. We’ll be showing how to make this templates in Microsoft Office Word in just a few steps.

Now, there are two ways of making the templates:

  • using SmartArt
  • by inserting the shapes.

Inserting shapes.

Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template

Inserting the shapes is not an easy way, but you can make a template of your taste using this method. For that, you have to

  • go to Insert tab
  • click on Shapes.
  • Chose the shape you want, arrange its size, right click on it and select Wrap Behind the Text, to be able to write on it.
  • To add the lines between the shapes, you can go to Shapes again and choose the Line. This way you can add as many members of your family as you want, you can start from the youngest one or the oldest one.
Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template

Using SmartArt.

Another method is to use SmartArt, as we already mentioned. SmartArt command in Insert section, gives us an opportunity to use ready family tree templates.

You can change the shape of the charts by right clicking on it. You may also add a chart after, before, above or below by right clicking and choosing the one you want.

Clicking on the charts will enable you to delete or add the text. Using these methods add your family members to your chart.

Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template

Where to look for for the templates of family tree?

Family tree templates can be made using some programs or editing the ready templates. Editing the templates, too, won’t get much of your time, since it is very easy. We looked for the websites that can possibly help you with templates for family tree and listed some of them below.


  1. Family Tree Templates.net – www.familytreetemplates.net .
  2. Template.Net – www.template.net .
  3. Template Lab. – www.templatelab.com .
  4. Irish Genealogy Toolkit. – www.irish-genealogy-toolkit.com .
  5. Family Tree University. – www.familytreemagazine.com .
  6. Family Echo. – www.familyecho.com .
  7. Genealogy Blog. – www.genealogyblog.com .
  8. Libre Office Templates – www.libreofficetemplates.net .
Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template


After you have got or made your template, one last thing is being left, and that is – filling it out.


Before you start to fill out the templates, make sure you have collected every possible data about your family members. And this include any photos, documents, important facts, and etc.

Collect as much of a data about your family as you can, to take your family tree to a new level.

Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template


After you collected all the data you can, sort it, and start placing it in your family tree.

Isn’t it time for you to start making your family history?

It is needed in order to:

  • preserve our family history,
  • to know where we come from
  • to show it to our future generations.
Family Tree Template

Family Tree Template

And the best way to do it today is to make a traditional family tree chart with all of the information, stories, documents photos, facts about our ancestors.

We should make it as detailed as possible to not skip anything. While we should be concentrated on content of it so much, the attention drawing design of it may be achieved by ready templates for us to use. We’re given you the sites, you know where to look for them now; go ahead and make your own very first family tree with the family tree template you choose!