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Follow up emails after interview


We are talking about following up after you’ve applied for a job. So in the first case, when you’ve just applied, online probably, through a job ad or a job agent that you’ve been using, you’re going to need to find somebody who can talk to you about that company. Work your network and learn something about them so that you’re a better candidate. But also, perhaps you can make a connection to an employee who could help you. And you want to work through your social media same way.

Do you know anybody on Linked In who is there or who knows somebody who is there?

Ideally of course, you would have done this before you even applied. But this will help you. The important times for follow-up however are after you have heard from the organization. Maybe they’ve called you. If they’ve called you, you want to follow up a week, two weeks later, whatever time frame they gave you.

And if they didn’t give you a time frame, you better have asked.

“When can I expect to hear back about this?”

Show that you know when to time your follow-up call or email, whichever is better for you and which is more comfortable. And always, always, always when you contact them, ask if they need any more information about you. That gives you a little hook to be comfortable with your call. And you just want to check on progress, you know, I know, things happened, things were slowed down, but you just want to say, “I’m still interested, I wanted to check on the progress. When can I expect to hear?”

Now, if you’ve been in for an interview and you’ve really talked to actual human beings in the company, now you really want the time to follow up and follow up effectively. And again, you should have asked in your interviews, every person you talk to, you should have asked, “When can I expect to hear from you next?” So when you follow up, if they said three weeks, you follow up in four weeks. And you can follow up two, three times.

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You can follow up by email, you can follow up by voice and you can follow up both ways. What works for you, most comfortable for you but also where you can make the best impression? You want to remind them of your interest. You want to remind them of how much you, in fact, offer them, and you want want to ask for when you’re going to hear about the next step. Don’t stalk them. Don’t call them every day for a week. But do contact them several times. That’s persistence and that’s a good value.

You’ll notice that after every interview, you’re going to be smart and write a thank you note. Thank you notes are another form of following up. Because they give you a chance to once again, show how you could add value to that employer. So, following up after a job ad, hardest way to do it, unless you have the contacts; following up after a phone screen, following after a new person interview, always smart, always worth your time. Keep good records so you know when and do that follow up; it improves your chances If you’re a decent candidate, it shows you’re persistent and it moves you up the line. Thanks!

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