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Free Estimate


What is a Free Estimate?

A free estimate is provided by the many companies in a lot of industries. Estimates are made to clarify some issues that are unclear for the customers. Most of the customers always want to know especially about the cost information of the goods and services they want to buy. Sometimes this input data may not be clear so this is generally a negative situation for the clients. Due to this problem, most of the companies think a good solution and they calculate the possible cost taking into account every detail. These estimates are not certain but it is useful for giving an idea for the clients. Estimation means a predictable calculation about something’s value.

Free Estimate
Free Estimate

Why is Free Estimate important?

The cost of something is important for everybody.  For example when you take into a project, you want to know how it will cost at the end to you. There may be uncertain data at the beginning and this situation is generally normal. If you notice, the numbers of the companies which give a free estimate service are increasing because company authorities want to convince them to buy goods and services. If they eliminate the customer’s doubts about the cost, they will probably win that client. This service can be used as a good marketing tool.The main issue in the estimation service is the cost; the customers come to the companies and demand a free estimate; this is always about the cost. So, we focus on this item in our article.

Free Estimate
Free Estimate

How to Prepare an Estimate?

When you prepare an estimate, you would better to use a written document. This document should include some basic information for the clients. Below, you can see some points about an estimate document:

  • Write the issue that you estimate about
  • Who does make this estimate? Write your name and your address
  • To whom you write this document? Write your client’s name and address
  • Write the total amount that you estimate
  • Type the date of this estimation
  • Give the details; each items, description, unit price, quantity, amount
  • Write the data in the “estimate notes” part. Write the extra things you want to mention in this section
  • At the end write; subtotal, total, amount paid and estimate
Free Estimate
Free Estimate

The Best Estimate Templates

This topic is very appropriate to use ready-made templates. If you use a template, the only thing you have to do; filling the blanks of the template. It is very easy to use. This method is very practical to prepare estimate documentation. You can find these templates at many websites. They are editable and printable. You can customize your template with your own information.  Templates are generally provided free by the web sites. There may be different template formats and you can select the most appropriate one for your needs and desires. Here are some websites for you:


If you want to create a document for your free estimate services; you can use these templates very easily!

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