Fundraiser Flyer

By | October 21, 2017

What is a Fundraiser Flyer?

A fundraiser flyer is a brochure that is prepared on the subject of financial support for a voluntary activity. The purpose is creating a fund resource for the voluntary activities. The flyer should reflect the aim correctly and be able to impress people who will see it. Generally an event may be organized and held for getting the financial support. This event both emphasizes the importance of the subject and aims to convince people for financial support. People, who organize the events such these, don’t get money for the personal or commercial profits. Generally they aim to help other people for any subject; a case, a business, clothes, school books etc.

Fundraiser Flyer

Fundraiser Flyer

The Examples for the Fundraiser Organizations

You can see different events in a fundraiser flyer. These organizations may be directly related to the subject or also include a different entertainment etc. Some fundraiser activities may be interesting because people like to have fun while they are supporting the events financially. Here are the some examples for a fundraiser organization:

  • Organizers may sell the goods at the opportunity shops
  • There may be public appeals for supporting the associations, clubs, people or cases
  • Appeals for the public auctions
  • There may be a dinner or dance night
  • They generally include the doorknock and phone appeals
Fundraiser Flyer

Fundraiser Flyer

How to Create a Fundraiser Brochure?

Fundraiser Brochures should make a big impress on people. So, you must create them in compatible with your fundraiser purpose. You can prepare a fundraiser brochure with a prepared template easily. These templates help you to create a fundraiser brochure in a much more practical method. If you want to compose a fundraiser brochure, below we are listing the steps for you:

  • Write the name of the fundraiser at the heading part with a bold and large font.
  • Write your purpose shortly; maybe 2-3 lines
  • Put a photo or logo related to the fundraiser subject.
  • Enter the information of the fundraiser; the date, place, time ( if there is an event)
  • Write all of the contact information; people should reach the organizers easily. Also this part is important to seem as reliable. If organizers are able to be reliable, people may want to support them more. Write this information at the bottom of the brochure.
Fundraiser Flyer

Fundraiser Flyer

Where can you find the Fundraiser Brochure Templates?

Many websites provide a wide variety of templates for the Fundraiser Brochures. There are many themes of these ready templates such as special children event, enjoy nature, breast cancer, food bake sale, clothing bank, dinner etc. You can find a lot of themes at these free templates and you will save your time. They look professional, attractive, effective and reliable. Here are the some websites:


Let’s start to create your fundraiser flyer in a very practical way; choose the right template, download and edit it easily as you desire!