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Hooks for Essays



Hook is first few sentences of your essay and its purpose is to grab your reader’s attention, so that the reader wants to keep on reading. It’s kind of first impression you make on the reader and since everyone has one chance for an impression, your hook is very important for your essay.

Writing an essay, you have to make sure that the introduction grabs the attention and forces to read what’s next. Even when you watch a movie, the first 10 to 15 minutes count. The same thing implies for essays; your hooks count a lot.

Hooks for Essays
Hooks for Essays


Hooks are very important parts of essays. They are the first and last chance given to you for getting the whole essay read. There are several characteristics of good hooks. Firstly, your hooks should put a question in the reader’s head, like the most interesting part of a book or a movie, where you do not have anything to do but keep reading or watching.

Hooks for Essays
Hooks for Essays


There are lots of kinds of hooks, so there are a lot of ways of writing them, too. Actually, it is up to you how creative you can be with your hook, but let’s look at some tips for getting a better idea.

  1. Tricky questions
  2. Interesting statistics
  3. Surprising facts
  4. Descriptive Setting
  5. Flashback
  6. Catchy Dialogue
  7. Famous sentences from movies
  8. An anecdote
  9. The analogy
  10. A scene
Hooks for Essays
Hooks for Essays


To get a better and clearer idea, we’ll give you some random examples of hooks for essays. You can look at them and write your own one related to your essay.

  • ‘He didn’t know where to go. The only safe way was in the left and when he turned, he saw a giant tree falling off right to him.’
  • Suddenly everything has started shaking. She got up from the bed and wanted to run outside. ‘It is not gonna be so easy, little girl!’ said someone from the other side of the door.’
  • Napoleon was not short!
  • What would you do if you would wake up and find yourself a turtle?!
  • Did you know that half of the world still believes that Earth is flat?
  • ‘To be, or not to be, that’s the question!’
  • Pigs can’t look up into sky!
  • No one can keep eyes open when sneezes.
  • ‘Run, Lola, Run!’
Hooks for Essays
Hooks for Essays

Do you see how interesting and attention grabbing these examples are? That’s how a hook for essay be like. It should push the readers to go on reading and go to the next step in ‘a breath’. Hook is a really good chance to stick your reader to your essay and it is given to you only once!

So, be careful with your hooks for essays and be sure that your essay will be liked!

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