How to Make a Line Graph?

By | October 26, 2017

What is a Line Graph?

Line graphs are types of graphs that show how some value changes over time.

A linear graph, like any other, has advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a linear graph:

  • a light visual perception of the graph;
  • it is easy to find the figures of technical analysis (patterns);
  • simple to make and use.

Disadvantage of a linear graph:

  • sometimes contains redundant information.

Making linear charts are too easy.

To make a linear graph, we only need the coordinates of two points.

To find them, you need to take two values of x, substitute them in the equation of the function, and from them calculate the corresponding values of y.

Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples

How to make a Line Chart?

There are different ways to make a line graph, but Microsoft Office Excel is the best way of making it.

There could be a lot different graph purposes, so let’s just take a simple one and assume that you have a homework saying you have to make a chart of Quantity per Price. Follow the step by step instructions below to do it.

Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples


  • Type in all the data. For that, you will only use two columns (since you only have two information).
  • Make a heading for each one of them and add the data below. In this case, your Heading is ‘Quantity’ and you enter in all the quantities below it. The other heading should be ‘Price’ and as in the first one, your job is to enter all the price data below that heading.
  • If you have a lot of information to enter, then you wouldn’t like to enter US currency each time. To make Excel do it for you, choose the ‘price’ column- Right Click – Format Cells – Currency. Choose the dollar symbol from Symbols.
Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples


  • To start making a graph, go to ‘Insert’ tab – Line Graphs. You’ll see some types of line graphs there, choose the one that suits your project best.
  • You’ll see an empty dialog box appear. Here, we have to add the data to show in the graph. To do that, go to Chart Layout and click on the 3rd layout.
  • Right Click on the empty Dialog Box – Select Data- Click on the Chart Data Range – Select all the prices. You will see that Select Data Source has plotted in all the price variables for us.
Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples


  • Now, we have our y-axis plotted, only x-axis left. Click on the Edit button from Horizontal part and Select all the quantity data.

Here you go! You graph is ready!

Now, this method may seem hard to you; or you may not have time to make it yourself. No needs to worry! Easy line graph maker online give a hand of help to us in such a situation. We’ll talk about them a bit later.

Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples

How to read a Line Chart?

For understanding the linear graphs better, let’s look at an example.


On the graph above, number of push- ups per days of the week are shown.


  • If you look closely, you can see that the number of push-ups on Sunday and Tuesday was 25, which is the maximum number of push-ups done.
  • There no push-ups for Friday, which is why it is the minimum of the graph. Then, again the number of push-ups raise to 20 on Saturday.

As you see, it is really simple to read the line charts. All you have to do is to look at the connecting points of x and y-axis.

Line Graph Examples

Line Graph Examples

Easy Line Chart Makers

As, we already mentioned, making line graphs do not come handy for some people. That is when easy chart makers found online are used. You can find them online with just googling ‘easy line chart maker’ or something similar to that.

Below we share some of the easy line chart makers you can get use of for creating good-looking and accurate line charts.

  1. – .
  2. Meta –Chart – .
  3. Plotvar – .
  4. ChartGo – .
  5. Canva – .
  6. – .

Using these and other graph makers, you can now create your line graph in just a few minutes!