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How to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?


What is a two weeks notice letter?

A two weeks notice letter is written in order to inform the company about resignation intent. Some people don’t write any notice letter and quit the job immediately but this way may not be positive for career life. Resignation process may be a bit of distressing process. So, you may evaluate a resignation letter boring and stressful but you would better to keep your relations good with the companies that all you have worked! This subject is very important for your business life because in which way you quit the job, may impact your career in the future. You should be polite and positive and if it is not really necessary; don’t quit your job immediately and be attentive to write a notice letter 15 days before your resignation.

Two Weeks Notice Letter
Two Weeks Notice Letter

How to write a notice letter?

You have decided to resign and don’t know how to write your notice letter; you may review our tips about this subject. First, a notice letter should be written carefully and appropriately. So, don’t write your letter without any information related to its formats. There are a lot of notice letter samples and now below we are listing some tips about how you may write your two weeks notice letter and resign with a positive impact on your employer:

  • In the first paragraph; you should make it clear that you will quit your job
  • In compatible with your letter purpose, you should give your resignation date as at least 2 weeks later
  • If possible, you would better not to write your reasons for resignation
  • You should exactly thank your employer and co-workers in your notice letter
  • You may offer support for completing some works or you may assist the new staff until you resign
  • Your letter should be written properly
  • You should send your notice letter directly to your employer
  • Don’t forget write a complimentary note for your boss and company
  • Write a short and result-focused letter ; don’t give details
Two Weeks Notice Letter
Two Weeks Notice Letter

The Format of the Notice Letter

In the upper left side of the notice letter, the date should be written. Write the date in that order; month/day/year. Then the recipient’s full name and also his/her address should be stated in the letter. You should start your letter with a salutation: Dear … (the name of your employer). Be careful to write directly the person’s name whose you will deliver the letter. Don’t use any general expression. After writing your text; your closing should be positively. Write your name and sign the letter.


Two Weeks Notice Letter
Two Weeks Notice Letter

The Notice Letter Templates

Preparing a notice letter may be stressful for the employees who think to express his resignation intent but now people can take advantages of prepared templates for create a notice letter. There are a lot of websites which offers free downloadable templates for the two weeks notice letter.

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