Internship Cover Letter

By | June 15, 2017

You probably have heard people say: “No one reads a cover letter, so you don’t have to write it”.

But let us make you sure that there are evidences that a good cover letter can make you get the internship you want.

In this writing, we are going to explain the meaning of a cover letter, the reason you need one, and step by step process to write a good cover letter.

Being a university student, you will probably apply for internships for getting better jobs in the future. Internships and cooperative education programs (co-ops) let you get some experience in the field you are going to work before you even graduate.

Internship experience is very important.

And to get that internship you will be asked to meet some criteria and download some documents. The internship cover letter is one of the highly wanted documents asked. If you write an outstanding cover letter, you will probably be invited to an interview, which is the last step in getting accepted to that internship program.

It means that you sould not believe the myths people tell about cover letters, and try to make your cover letter the best one between the other candidates.

Internship Cover Letter

Internship Cover Letter

What is a cover letter?

A Cover Letter is a document which lets you to tell the company you want to get an internship in, that you really want to get that internship there and to show that you are good match.

You have to send the professional cover letter with your resume. The company first reads your cover letter, and then your resume.

The same thing you meet in the job search. Here you also send your cover letter along with your resume or CV.

You probably understand from all of it, that a good cover letter is a must!

Since you are going to make your first impression with your cover letter,you want it to be interesting and you want to grab the attention from the beginning.

What is the purpose of a cover letter ?

We can list the purposes of cover letters this way: They are the formal way to introduce yourself to the employer on the other side of computer, to explain the reasons you think you are the best candidate and you have to be selected. A cover letter is the better chance to get selected to the interview.


There are general types of cover letters you should know: Letter of Interest, Application Letter, Networking Letter, Referral Cover Letter and Value Proposition Letter.

Application Letter. This type of letter is need to write for applying for a specific job.

Referral Cover Letter. This letter is written to the person who reffered you fort the internship or a job.

Letter of Interest. The other name of this letter is prospecting letter. It inquires about the jobs that may open in a company.

Networking Letter. It is for searching assistance and advice.

Value Proposition Letter. Here you write about yourself in a way that will make the employer choose you instead of lots of other candidates. You have to state the reasons why you are unique.

Your cover letter should answer the questions like:

Why do you think that you are prepared for this position?

What experiences can you state which prepared you for this job?

Make them hire you!

No matter of type of cover letter you think is the most suitable for you, the fundamentals are the same in all of them. If you want your cover letter to be good-written, there are a few points you have to pay attention to. In this section we will mention about the length, margins, fonts and font size and colours of the cover letter.

Length of the cover letter: As we have already mentioned, a cover letter lets you to stand up and Show yourself. But of course, you are not writing a story. Try to keep it short and concise. Your cover letter should maximum be one single page long.

Margins: It’s optional to use standard 1-inch margins when you write your cover letter.

Font: Choosing a font, ensure it is clear and easy to read.You may use appropriate fonts like Garamond, Calibri,Georgia, Arial or Times New Roman. Do not use the childish kind of fonts.

Font Size: Font size 10 to 12 is the best. For headers you may use 14 as well. It will be clear to see if you write your cover letter in these fonts.

Color: Unless you are applying to a design job or something else that needs creativity, you have to  use black font. If you want to apply for a creative sector, you may use different colors in your cover letter.

What are the key parts of a cover letter?

Let’s talk about the most important parts of a cover letter: the header, date, greeting and salutation, and company address. We will talk abouth them and abouth what to include to each of them.

A Header: A Header in the covver letter is the information at the top. It consists of your name and contact details, the date and mailing adress.

It should as well include your contact information. You do not have to write your adress again in your cover letter since you have already stated it in your resume.

In a contact information section your email adress and phonen umber shoud be included. It is needed for company t o get in touch with you. Note that you have to use a Professional email for your cover letter.

Greeting: The highly used way of a greeting is ‘Dear’. For example, “Dear Mr. James Black,”. Writing a salutation, make sure the name and title are correct.

Salutation: Choose a good salutation. Not anything like ‘To Whom It May Concern’.


Since you got all the information, you can now write your cover letter. What are you waiting for? Start writing it now! Good Luck in your internship or job!