Job Description Template

By | November 24, 2017


A job description – a standardized form of presentation of the content of work at a specific workplace at a specific time.

The description of the work is, on the one hand, the organizational and administrative document that defines the duties, the rights of each employee and his performance criteria, on the other hand – the normative basis for assessing the activities of the employee, determining the compliance of the position.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Depending on the purpose, the following modifications of the job description are distinguished:

  • job advertisements;
  • Professionograms; – qualification characteristics / maps;
  • Competency map;
  • Careerograms;

And etc.



Let’s see how to write a job description step by step


“We want a creative, attentive, communicative, responsible accountant.”

In this case, it is necessary to throw out “creativity” and “communicability” from the job description. Because for the position of an accountant these qualities are not needed. Even if the chief thinks otherwise, he needs to explain that he will get the creativity in the financial statements for fines of the tax inspection, and not his communicative subordinate.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template


“Maintaining an accounting report on the section of the OS, interaction with suppliers, couriers, ordering stationery, water change in the cooler.”

In this case, it is necessary to throw everything out after the words “… with suppliers.” Work with couriers, office, etc. Should not deal with an accountant, but an office manager or secretary. People really do not like to sit in one chair on two chairs, and for one salary to bear a double responsibility and fulfill the duties of two people in fact.



“Wages from 1000 USD”.

Here, you should state the conditions of work and the salary.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template


  • Create a vacancy name in clear terms

Do you want to make a job description with a creative approach? Then make sure that your target audience can find it. It is possible to use professional slang and terms, as the specialists who own these terms will look primarily using a professional language.


  • Focus on career development

Try not only to list a bunch of everyday tasks, but to explain how the work will contribute to business development and what will be the potential for advancement. How the achievements and successes of the candidate will be able to contribute.

  • Involve your employees in writing a job description

In many cases, the description of the vacancy is somewhere in the files of the personnel department, and it is obtained only when there is a need for a new employee. The requirements that are mentioned there, as a rule, displayed information that is no longer relevant for several years and does not reflect current needs in skills, culture and experience.


Involving the current team will help to fine-tune the description and help determine what skills are needed now.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template

  • First of all, a constructive approach

When reading your vacancy, the candidate immediately tries to identify everything written with him, but he also wants to know what else your company can offer?

A constructive approach to such details can give an understanding to the candidate how you work well.


  • Judgment of the company in detail

Candidates will judge your company by the smallest details. Make sure that you have checked the spelling and checked the grammar. Read the text of your vacancy, how easy and clear it is read?


  • Make your vacancy interesting, perhaps interactive.

Candidates are not always willing to spend a lot of their time studying the written descriptions of the work; If you have an ability. Write down a video appeal to the candidates, show your company in the video, tell us what you expect from the candidate.

Job Description Template

Job Description Template


If it is your first time writing a job description for your company, then you should get to know its format and structure and rules of writing it well. For this reason, it would be better if you would use a template. Templates are a great source to reduce your mistakes.

Below are the websites, where you can find a free job description template. Get the use of them.

  • ca –
  • The Balance –
  • Monster Hiring –
  • com –
  • Microsoft Office –
  • Toptal –

Get a job description template now, and hire your candidates!