Where can you find a Letter of Recommendation Template?

By | December 5, 2017


  • This is a characteristic that is compiled in a free form, where the professional qualities of a person in search of work are fully written. A letter of recommendation is drawn up at the place of instruction of the person or his previous work.

Its task – to reflect the qualities of the applicant, important in the employment, and this information is ready to confirm either the educational institution, or the former employer.

There is no standard form for a letter of recommendation, although there are approximate forms of writing that reflect the personal and professional qualities of a person.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation Template


Even though there is not a standard form of writing a letter of recommendation or letter of recommendation template, there are some rules of writing it. Let’s see what they are!


By length, the text should fit on one sheet. It is necessary to avoid common phrases – an executive, reliable employee, etc. (such a letter will still not be remembered and will not make the right impression).

  • RULE #2

The document should contain information: in what period and where (a certain company name) the employee worked, his achievements – what specific duties they were performed (should give an idea of ​​the professional level).


It is necessary to include directly the recommendation in the spirit of “I recommend this person for …” from which one could clearly understand the positive attitude of the writer of the letter.

  • RULE #4

The letter of recommendation is usually signed by the immediate supervisor (head of the structural unit) or the head of the company where the employee worked. People who know him and, if necessary, are ready to confirm all the information contained in the recommendation letter.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation Template


The information should be as true as possible – people are often contacted to clarify and verify information on the phones specified in the letter.



A letter of recommendation helps to impress the employer.

And if the employer wants to know the details, let him call the writer of the letter. However, the desire and time to ring up your previous work places are far from all managers and recruiters.

However, there are employers who are suspicious of letters of recommendation. Mistrust can be caused by the subjective nature of the recommendation.

For example, a person with whom a candidate was friends can give a recommendation. In fact, such recommendations are indicative of good relations with the team, and not confirmation of the professional and personal qualities of the employee.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation Template

Where to find letter of recommendation templates?

To write a letter of recommendation in an appropriate format – you’ll need some help, especially if it your first time writing it. And sometimes you’ll not find anyone around to help you.

That’s when, the best option is a letter of recommendation template.

  • The templates will help you to write the letters without makin any mistakes in its format and structure. They’ll teach you how to write this letter, so next time you won’t need any help.

You can find plenty of websites online, offering free templates for your recommendation templates. Below is the list of best websites with this service for you:

Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation Template

  • The Balance – thebalance.com
  • Forbes – forbes.com
  • Microsoft Office – templates.office.com
  • Letters of Recommendation – letterofrecommendation.com
  • Live Career – livecareer.com
  • Sample Tempaltes – sampletemplates.com
  • Vertex42 – vertex42.com
  • TemplateLab – templatelab.com

Why not to pick up a letter of recommendation template now and start personalizing it?!