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The Letter of Resignation Template


What is a letter of resignation template?

A resignation letter is written to inform the employer about the resignation and the exit day. This letter is very important to keep the good communication with your old employer and company. You should show your good faith and respect! There are many types of resignation letters so a letter of resignation template can help you to create a useful and positive resignation letter in a short time. You might review the resignation letter samples and choose the best appropriate one for you.

Letter of Resignation Template
Letter of Resignation Template

The Types of the Resignation Letters

There are a lot of kinds of letter of resignation; you may give an excuse in your letter or not; you may offer a proposal for show your good faith etc. Here are the some types of resignation letters:

  • The Basic Letter
  • Personal Reasons Letter
  • New Job Letter
  • Formal Letter
  • Professional Letter
  • Thanking Letter
  • Retirement Letter
  • Regret Letter
  • 2 Weeks’ Notice Letter

You may also write a letter which will be sent by e-mail to your co-workers and employer. You can use a letter of resignation template in order to see how to write a resignation letter clearly and efficiently! There are many websites that can offer a lot of types of resignation letter templates according to your desires and circumstances.

Letter of Resignation Template
Letter of Resignation Template

How should a Resignation Letter be?

A resignation letter must be written very carefully because when you quit a job; it is always important that your employer and co-workers will remember you as positively and politely! You relationships are one of the key factors in order to achieve your career goals! So, your exit letter will be one of the decisive things related to your communication in your old workplace. Almost everybody will mostly remember you with your attitudes in the leaving time.

Letter of Resignation Template
Letter of Resignation Template

Your resignation letter should contain some important points:

  • Your letter should start with the contact information. (full name, address, state, city, zip code, your phone number and your e-mail address)
  • Choose a salutation
  • In the first paragraph, you should write that you are quitting the job and state your exit date
  • In the second paragraph, don’t forget to thank your employer due to the opportunities he/she offers you
  • In the last paragraph, you may offer to assist the new employee who will come to your place
  • Write the complementary close
  • Your signature

You may choose to write your resignation letter without 2 weeks notice but this is not an appropriate letter.  Be careful to be polite and show your good faith. A resignation letter may include the intent of quitting the job but also you would better to state your exit day and also offer your employer to assist the new employee. Don’t write too many details. A template can direct you appropriately and you can save your time!

Letter of Resignation Template
Letter of Resignation Template

The Best Templates

You can find a lot of resignation letter templates free in many websites. Here are some:


With the letter of resignation template; it is easier to create an appropriate resignation letter and so you can keep your relationships warm with your old company!

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