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Menu Template


What is a menu?

The most important element in the management of the processes of serving guests at food enterprises is the menu. It is called the “authorized representative” of the restaurant, which carries out a permanent connection between the company and the guests.

The menu is a list of snacks, dishes and drinks that are located in a certain sequence, which are present in the enterprise (in a restaurant, cafe, bar) during the entire working hours. When preparing the menu, the following sequence of dishes should be considered:

  1. Specialties.
  2. Snacks (cold and hot).
  3. Soups.
  4. Main dishes (separately fish, meat, vegetarian).
  5. Sweet dishes.
  6. Drinks (non-alcoholic, hot and alcoholic).

With a large selection of drinks it is recommended to make a separate menu. The supply of beverages is crucial for the success of the work of most food enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to bring the right choice of drinks in the menu, while taking into account the desires of the guests as much as possible.

Menu Template
Menu Template

Why to use templates for menus?

A template is a document used for creating new documents. Templates are used to unify the structure and appearance of documents. The template defines the main document structure and contains document settings, such as AutoText and AutoCorrect list items, macros, toolbars, custom menus and shortcuts, formatting, and styles.

It is a very good idea to use the templates for menu, in order to save a lot of effort and time. Using different kinds of templates also give you an opportunity to have good-looking layouts for different types of menus you want to create.

Menu Template
Menu Template

Types of menu templates

There are different types of menus that differ from each other in the options for selecting the dishes and the price structure.

The à la carte menu template offers a choice of serving dishes; accordingly, each dish is evaluated separately and is prepared to order. The a la carte menu is mainly used in hotels. On such a menu, guests make a reservation and are served at a certain time. The literal translation of this French expression is “from the map”. It should be noted that the term “a la carte”, used in the restaurant business, is often misinterpreted. The term is not associated with any particular type of restaurant, nor with pricing policy, nor with the procedure for serving dishes, it refers only to the type of menu and provides for the preparation of dishes to order.

Menu Template
Menu Template

Menu “table dot” offers a small assortment of dishes and is estimated by the total amount per person for the whole menu. Literally, the table d’hote means “master’s table” in French. A typical example of such a menu is “business breakfast” (business lunch) at reasonable prices, which includes three or four names of dishes. The visitor pays the fixed price for the whole lunch or breakfast. Many first-class restaurants also often use a menu such as table d’hote, as its limited number of dishes allows the chef to select fresh ingredients of the highest quality and give maximum attention to the preparation of each dish.

The menu of business lunch is a typical example of a menu that includes 3-4 dishes.

Menu Template
Menu Template

Where can you find templates for menu?

If you have decided to make a menu for your restaurant or café, and want it to be a good one, there are two options you have – either to make a template for your menu yourself or use ready templates for it. To save you a lot of time, the second option is a best one.

You can find free, printable and easy to edit templates online. Below we give you a ist of some websites that will help you with it. Look through them and make sure to choose the one that is suitable for your menu type and of your taste.

Menu Template
Menu Template
  1. Canva –
  2. Must Have Menus –
  3. Colorlib –
  4. Freepik –
  5. ImenuPro –
  6. Pinterest –
  7. Dcrazed –
  8. Graphic River –
  9. Net –
  10. Design Tutsplus –
  11. Fit Small Business –
  12. Serif –

If you have chosen your menu template, go ahead and start filling it out with your own content and change any size, font, color or anything else you do not like in it, and your menu should be ready!

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