Network Diagram

By | December 18, 2017


It is called a network to the graphic representation of the activities that show their events, sequences, interrelations and the critical path.

The critical path, is a method, is an administrative process of planning, programming, execution and control of each and every one of the component activities of a project that must be developed within a critical time and at optimal cost.

Network Diagram

Network Diagram


The network diagram serves as the basis for the project, it is the shoe of the same. With this diagram we can:


  • Start with the allocation of resources, depending on the relationships of the activities and their impact on the project.


  • Visualize the work program with the tasks that must happen and those that should not be delayed.


  • Identify risks associated with tasks of the critical path and also those that do not belong to it.


  • Often we start a project by putting together all the activities that we understand to be necessary in Microsoft Project, and then we start evaluating the relationships by imagining how they are interconnected.

Network Diagram


Network diagrams display the network model in a graphical form as a set of vertices corresponding to works connected by lines representing relationships between jobs.

The fragment of the network is top-work. Fragment of the network is the vertex-event. A network diagram is not a flowchart in the sense in which this tool is used to model business processes.

The resulting network diagram is too large, since it contains many details regarding each stage. Reduce it by excluding these details.

The resulting network diagram is too large, since it contains many details regarding each stage. Reduce it by excluding these details.

On the network diagram, the critical path has the longest duration, equal to the duration of the project.

The path on the network diagram, characterized by the maximum total duration of its constituent stages, is called critical and determines the duration of the project as a whole. All the stages that make up the critical path are critical. The number of critical paths for this project can be more than one.

Network Diagram


We tried to give you as much information as needed about network diagrams. Now that you are familiar with the general format, you may start working on it.

But, if it’s your first time working with network diagram, we would advise you using the templates. They save a lot of your effort and time.

There are lots of templates available online. All you have to do is to Google.

Below we’ve found you the list of websites that offer network diagram templates free of charge. Review them and pick the one you want.

Network Diagram

Here they are:

  • Creately –
  • Microsoft Office –
  • Lucid Chart –
  • My Word Templates –
  • Gliffy –

We hope our article was helpful and you got a well enough idea about network diagram.