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By | December 25, 2020


Nurses belong to the average medical staff. This means that, unlike a paramedic, they can not independently diagnose and prescribe treatment. Their duties are 

  • the performance of medical appointments, 
  • monitoring the condition of patients and caring for them. 

In nursing, there are specializations: the main and older sisters and procedural, operational, precinct, and others. The Work is usually shifted, complicated, but the profession was and will be in demand despite the low earnings.

Nurses should have the knowledge and skills of caring for patients and be able to analyze their condition, passing their observations to the treating doctor – it is on their basis that it will, to some extent, adjust the treatment.


  • Performing medical appointments: injections, distribution of medicines.
  • Nursing – primary examination of the patient, determination of the frequency of respiratory movements, thermometry, pulse examination, measurement of blood pressure, etc .;
  • Proper collection of material for analysis (blood, sputum, urine, and feces);
  • Providing care for patients – care for skin, eyes, ears, oral cavity;
  • The control over change of bed and underwear; 
  • Organization of proper and timely nutrition of patients.
  • Provision of the first pre-medical care.
  • They are ensuring the transportation of patients.
  • Reception of patients who arrived and the organization of patient discharge.
  • Control over the sanitary condition of the departments.
  • To monitor patients’ compliance with the rules of internal regulations of medical institutions and the implementation of rules of personal hygiene.
  • Doing medical records.

How to write a new grad nursing resume?

These tips will help you understand how the resume should be so that the employer can quickly find the necessary information about you. 

To create the most detailed resume that will “sell” you to the employer – use our step by step advice:

STEP 1. Introduce yourself.

  • Write down your full name, patronymic, and surname. No initials.

Step 2. Write your contact information.

  • Include as much contact information as possible so that the employer can quickly contact you. Enter one or two phone numbers and email addresses.

STEP 3. Show your positive sides.

  • Immediately after your name, write two or three short phrases to show all your advantages as a candidate. 
  • Do not write general words. 
  • Define your most vital professional qualities, which are directly related to future Work, for example, significant experience in this field or the knowledge of several languages, and laconically state them. This point is critical since the employer spends no more than 20 seconds on each resume. Accordingly, it is necessary to grab his attention for the first moment.

Step 4. Competences.

If you want to write a resume correctly, then in this section, give a shortlist of your professional knowledge and skills. 

  • Write down what exactly you know how to do.
  • Start from the list of requirements and functional duties prescribed in the vacancy. For example, if, according to the vacancy, you need to create advertising campaigns, write down specific skills: “Media planning”, “Budgeting of advertising campaigns”, “Ability to work with contractors”, etc. 

STEP 5. Include information about your education.

  • Here, you can include your educational institution, where you graduated, and all the significant training, seminars, and programs you have also passed. 

STEP 6. State your work experience.

  • Your career path is better described in reverse chronological order – from the last job to the first. Everything should be formalized as follows: after the name of Work, it is better to write down your key achievements in the company immediately. It should be specific examples of what you achieved at the previous place of Work. 

STEP 7. Additional information.

  • Here, the employer expects to see information about your knowledge of languages, a description of computer skills, other work experience not directly related to your professional activities (for example, volunteering).

If you still doubt how best to structure information on your own, you can download the resume templates that different websites offer.

New grad nursing resume examples and templates

New Grad Nursing Resume Template

Below are the websites to help you with templates to write a new grad resume. All of the templates are free of charge. Here is the list of them:

  • Resume Genius –
  • Monster –
  • Up to Work –
  • The Balance –
  • Resume Baking –
  • Live Career –
  • Job Hero –

We hope you have enjoyed this article and now aware of writing a new grad resume!

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