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By | April 7, 2017

In the past I spent a lot of time talking about what to do during an interview but I haven’t really spent a lot of time talking about what to do before an interview or after an interview. Today I want to talk to you about what you should do after every interview.

There’s one main thing that you should do after every interview so, when I say every interview that means your last interview as well as at first and as well as your second interview. It doesn’t matter whether the person that’s interviewing you is the person who’s actually going to hire you or whether it’s somebody in HR.

It doesn’t matter if the interview is an in-person interview or a skype interview or an on the phone interview. What I say that you should always do this after every interview. I really mean just that and so even if your interview went poorly you should still definitely do this one thing. That one thing that you want to do is right I think you know and there are several reasons why you’d want to write a thank you note.

phone interview thank you email

Why you should write thank you notes?

Writing a thank you note isn’t a requirement and many people actually don’t even write one but it is considered polite and proper etiquette. It shows that you follow up and it shows that this wasn’t just another interview for you. It was actually a serious investment of your time. Because many people don’t write thank you notes to add something unique to your profile and it also shows that you appreciate that person’s time as well. If there’s one thing that will get you anywhere it’s showing appreciation for the little things. It’s the rule for personal relationships as well as professional relationships.

When you write a thank you note it also gives you the opportunity to clarify something you said that you feel you didn’t really express accurately enough. It also allows you to answer a question then maybe you blanked out on.

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phone interview thank you email-2

How do you send your thank you note?

2 Ways to Send Thank You Notes

Most people say it’s best to write I think you know on an actual thank you card and leave it with the receptionist after your interview and before you leave the office. It’s really more a matter of a personal preference. So in my case I prefer to semi Vicki notes via email for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons why I prefer sending thinking notes via email is because, sometimes it can lead to an email conversation between you and the interviewer if they reply. Whereas in a thank you note format you leave a thank-you note and there really is no way for them to directly reply to you in response to that.

Also in most cases if you are having a skype interview or an on the phone interview. You can’t really hand over a thank you card because you’re not there in person. You could also mail it if you prefer to have an actual card but just know that is going to take time they get there and that time factors in when it comes to the hiring process. I think that actual thank you cards are really great. They show for it for thought and they just see more thoughtful in general it’s an actual thank you card that you can hold in your hand it’s just can’t fix this tangible form of a thank you. If you prefer to do that then I think that that’s fantastic it’s just for me I prefer an email but really ultimately it doesn’t matter. Because what actually goes into thinking note it’s the same. So just go by what you prefer.

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How to write your thank you note?

How do you write it?
How long should it be?
What goes in it?
When should you send it?

First if you’re sending your thank you note via email what you want to do is make sure that you get the email address of each of your interviewers. You can’t ask your interview directly during the interview. I tend not to but just go by how your interview like the flow of interviews going and judge it. If you don’t feel comfortable asking in the interview that’s fine. Because you can retouch the receptionist or you can reach out to your HR individual who’s helping you out through the entire process and get your interviewers email addresses that way.

The next thing that you want to do is you want to take some time and reflect on the things that you talked about with each of your interviewers in each of your two days. That can add a more personal touch. Because what you don’t want to do is send them just a generic thank you email. That’s better than not sending them anything but what you really want to do is find something like a little nugget of something that you talked about in your interview. That you can add to your think you know if that makes it more personal and shows that it’s not a generic email you actually put some thought into this.
So maybe somehow, some way during your conversation you connected over a conversation on smartphones or maybe you found out that you’re both Mac lovers and you bonded over that or maybe you both like the same band somehow something personal came out of that. That you feel comfortable putting in an email don’t think about things like that.

If you don’t have anything personal that came out of your interview or you want an alternate option that’s fine as well just think about to the different questions that you ask them during the interview and the answers that they gave you.

So you want to think along those lines so let’s say you got a really good piece of advice on some topic during an interview and you’re thinking note you want to write you know thank you so much for your advice or your guidance on X it was really helpful.

If for example you ask them to give you some suggestions on things to read to get you up to speed on the position or the technology then put that in your email and list out the actual title of the book that they suggested and say thank you so much for the suggestion. I’m planning to read this or I will read this book or say I’m adding this to my list and then actually make plans to read the book. Then if you want to clarify an answer that you gave or modify an answer that you gave you can go ahead and put that in there as well just limit it to one or two items. If you have multiple that you want to clarify. Because you don’t want to seem flaky or you don’t seem indecisive and you don’t want to bring out too much into the front that you answer all these questions and now you’re changing your mind just keep it limited but it’s okay.

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If you say in an interview you just can’t answer a question. You say I’m not sure right now but I will get back to you on that it is perfectly okay to follow up with that email and actually put out what your answer is now. Because, it shows that you said you’re going to follow up and then you actually did just keep in mind that you should keep it limited. You also want to thank them for their time and tell them that you look forward to hearing back. You want to include your contact number after your signature at the end of every email that you send them. Because you want them to be able to have easy access to your contact information any time that they need it. I do this at the end of all of my professional emails as a habit whether it’s for an interview or for just a professional contact that I know from before that maybe I never worked with but we’re just know each other and professional level. It’s just something that I always do and something that you might want to incorporate if you don’t do it already. The thank you note should be three to five sentences on average and shouldn’t take you more than five to ten minutes to write / interviewer.

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Make sure not to bulk email your interviewers so if your interview with four people in one day don’t send them all. One email instead you want to send each one an individual email.

In terms of time frame you want to send that thank you know out as soon as possible. So if you’re sending it via email. You want to send it at the moment you get to a computer. If you’re sending it as a thank-you note you want to leave it with the receptionist before you leave the building. If you haven’t written a thank you but before this might seem really big and overwhelming. I can create a template for you if you like and leave a link to my website where I can post a template. So just let me know and that’s it so if you’re thinking of via an email and the person responds in more than just a thank you or a good luck and want to carry on an email conversation then feel free go ahead just follow their flow in their lead. It’s really quick and easy and it adds something extra and it keeps you in their minds instead of out of sight, out of mind.


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