Points to Note in Bootstrap Template

By | December 13, 2017


  • Bootstrap is a CSS framework.

It is the most popular framework, its nearest competitor is 3-5 times smaller than the community. Secondly, it is not only css, but also a js-framework.  Bootstrap ready written scripts and styles, the use of which you only need to register the necessary style classes and attributes of the html-elements.

With the help of the framework, mobile projects should be developed. Why is that? All thanks to the Bootstrap grid, which makes it easy to adapt any site and display it well on any device.


Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Templates


In general, to better understand what you need Bootstrap, you can back up a bit and answer the question:

In the case of adaptive layout, everything is many times more complicated. You will need to make sure that on any screen resolutions your site is displayed well. To do this, you need to use media queries. For large templates such requests can be very much needed, in addition, you still have to learn how to write them.


In general, when developing an adaptive template from scratch, you will have to work hard at it, while your qualification in layout should be quite high.

Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Templates

And what about bootstrap?

If you study this framework, it will greatly simplify the layout for you. First, the framework takes on cross-browser compatibility and adaptability, and these are the main things that the developer must take care of. But with bootstrap it is very easy to implement them. This allows you to create an html template even to a person who previously had very little in the way of layout and is not particularly familiar with css.


Secondly, the framework is ideal when working in a team. Pasting on bootstrap with proper skill and understanding occurs 3-5 times faster, and the uniformity of the code will allow any of your colleagues to make edits. If we are talking about layout without a framework, then every developer can have his own style and another person will have to spend time studying his code.

Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Templates


  • High speed development of site layouts. Bootstrap contains a huge set of ready-made solutions and elements.


  • Cross-browser compatibility and site adaptability. All elements of the framework are adaptable for all devices and are correctly displayed in all modern browsers.



  • Ease of use. Even a person with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can freely create web pages using the framework.


  • Easy to learn. Bootstrap has very good documentation with lots of examples of ready-made code.
Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap Templates


There are a lot of Bootstrap templates available online. All of them are ready made and waiting for your use, to save you time and effort.

You can find plenty of Bootstrap Templates by simply googling.

Below are the websites that offer bootstrap templates for free:

  • Start Bootstrap – startbootstrap.com
  • Shape Bootstrap – shapebootstrap.com
  • Wrap Bootstrap – wrapbootstrap.com
  • Free CSS – free-css.com
  • Bootstrap Made – bootstrapmade.com

Get Bootstrap templates, edit them and start making your first steps in starting up with Bootstrap!