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Quotation Template


What is a Quotation Template?

A quotation template is a prepared draft of a quotation letter which is generally written as an answer to a letter of inquiry. A quotation letter includes the price information and some other conditions for the purchasing of the goods and services. It is one of the most used letter types in the business world and should be written attentively. When people ask you the price information for a good or service, you may prepare this type of letter. You write this letter in order to offer your conditions for the agreement. This letter should be in a professional format and so a template may be helpful to write an appropriate quotation letter.

Quotation Template
Quotation Template

How to use a Template of Quotation Letter?

A quotation template includes the required and practical directions for the users. The users can use the template by making changes through these indicators. They do not have any difficulty because the steps are simple. Format is prepared; the users do not need to think about the important details related to the letter format. So the process will be completed in much shorter time. This type of the template generally contains the following sections and the details:

  • The name of your company
  • Contact information
  • The breakdown of cost information
  • The total cost information
  • The possible changes/variations
  • A work schedule
  • The conditions and terms of the Payment
  • A section of customer signature-for acceptance
  • May be any other details
Quotation Template
Quotation Template

There are different letter and template types but generally a template include the details and sections above. You can edit it with the indicators given in these sections. Sometimes templates may be in a sample letter format. It is possible to edit and personalize them easily. The benefits of the ready templates are listing below:

  • Very practical and easy to use
  • Save the time
  • Save the money
  • A good tool for writing a professional letter
  • Easy to customize, edit or printable
  • Easily found
  • There are many options
Quotation Template
Quotation Template


Where can you find the Templates?

Internet is a very popular and useful tool for every people. In order to use a ready template, it is enough to write a few words on a search engine. For example, you can write “free templates quotation download” or “download free template quotation” etc. Many web sites provide the ready template services free of charge and in a simple way. You can download the templates from the websites by clicking the button or you may make the changes online. When finish your letter, don’t forget to save your document. They offer many various options to the users.

Quotation Template
Quotation Template

The Best Templates

If you desire to know some websites which give high qualified template services; you may visit the links that we list below:


Let’s start to prepare your letter with a quotation template and see the positive results.

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