Reason for Leaving Job

By | November 4, 2017


When you go the interview when applying to the job, one of the questions that you will definitely be asked, will be about the reason for leaving job, where you were working previously. The answer should be thought of before going to the inteview.

Usually, there are several reasons for leaving, and only a few are worth voicing at the interview.

  • Uncomfortable work schedule

Changing the schedule is a good reason to look for a new job. Changing the work day even for a couple of hours ahead can be a problem.

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job

  • Professional growth

There is nothing to be confessed about: you have achieved everything you could in the previous place, and want to go further. The impossibility of professional growth is a frequent reason for changing jobs. This idea can be positively formulated.


  • Complete replacement of the old team

This reason for looking for a new job is more than respectful, since it does not characterize you badly, but rather, puts it in the role of a victim and speaks of the tyranny of the management team. Emphasize that if it were not for this annoying fact, you would continue to work for the benefit of the company.


  • Instability of the company

The delay in wages, the constant staff turnover, the change of leaders every three months, restructuring.. Uncertainty in the future is another good reason to find a new job.

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job

  • The project that ended

Increasingly, employers, not being able to take a person to the staff, hire a specialist to work on a specific project – a website, an exhibition, an event. At the same time, a contract is concluded with the employee for a certain period of time. Just keep in mind that this information is easy to verify, be ready to tell the future boss what kind of work it was.



Whatever the reason for it, you did not specify in the resume, do not forget that a serious and experienced employer, when you are admitted to this or that position, will be able to find out the whole truth by making just one phone call.

There are some possible options to state:


For example, if you were forced to pay due to the fact that your office was too far from home, explain that the trip to work took you more than two hours, and you often were late, because you had to stand in long traffic jams, and the public Schedule. Transport was unstable. In this case, it will not be superfluous to mention that you were ready to move to another department, but there was no vacancy.

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job


The reason for leaving the previous place of work should not contradict the record in the workbook. If you were dismissed for one of the articles of the Labor Code, it is unlikely that when you accept a new job you will be convinced that you did not like irregular working hours and frequent business trips.


There is another option – on your own. On the one hand, this will not contradict your words, if you say that you want to study new activities or try your hand at a larger and more serious company, where professional and career growth is possible. But on the other hand, it can cause suspicion, because, contrary to your words, you could leave the company because of a conflict with the leadership or colleagues.


And yet, whatever the reason for dismissal you did not write in your resume, try to be as truthful as possible, because every employer values ​​honesty, discipline and decency in their employees.

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job


Also, in the Resume or interview, you should not specify such options as:


  • Exaggerated requirements of the firm or company, whose leadership forced you annually to take advanced training courses;
  • Long business trips;
  • Dismissal due to the end of probation;
  • Salary problems;
  • Uncomfortable working conditions.



To make a good resume and increase your chances of success in obtaining the desired vacancy, you must specify the “correct” reasons for dismissal from your previous job. Among them may be:

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job

  • Reorganization or closure of a company

In this case, the HR manager will think that dismissal is not related to the low level of your professionalism, conflicts in the team or your personal qualities, but is caused by insuperable factors for you.


  • The desire to explore new areas of activity

Seeing such a reason for dismissal in the applicant’s questionnaire, the person who is responsible for recruiting new employees will make conclusions about you as a versatile and creative person who does not want to stop at the achieved goals. Creative people are highly appreciated by management, but if you argue this factor by dismissal from all the firms in which you worked, the HR can regard you as a non-serious person.

Reason for Leaving Job

Reason for Leaving Job

  • The previous work did not meet expectations, although it was interesting and brought financial and moral satisfaction

This reason can be written when applying for a job in your resume, but be prepared for the fact that during the interview, it will raise additional questions.

We hope, after reading this article, you can clearly state your reason for leaving job without any doubts in your mind, and get through this part of job application process without any problems!