Resume Template Styles

By | June 8, 2017

What Is a Resume?

A resume is a summary of your education and work experience, achievements, accomplishments and your skills. You can also include the other sections, like writing your interests related to the position you are applying for. Resumes are the documents used to get accepted to tthe position/job you want.

A resume has to be as neat and clear as possible.

Resumes are always one to two pages long, but you may also write it in three pages. One page full of only necessary information written in good format is always better thant the resume that is to or three pages long and contains the unnecessary information that the employer didn’t want to.

Resumes have different types. You have to decide upon which type to use depending on the length and context of your resume.

What are some resume types ?

There are a lot of resume types. You only have to know what type of job you are trying to get accepted to. combination, targeted, chronological and fuctional ones. Each one of them is good for different purposes. Just make a short research on each of them and decide what kind you want to apply for your resume.

Chronological resume is a way to show your work experience in reverse order. This means the positions you worked at recently should be at the top of your resume. Chronological Resumes are also easy to write. Employers want to see your work data in order, so it is a good type of resume. Try not to use it if you have little work eperience.

Functional resumes list your strengths, accomplishements, skills which are important to employers. But it doesn’t have detailed information about your work experience. It is the most suitable one if you don’t have much work data to show.

Targeted resume is a brief and easy to read resume type. You choose this type to target the specific career path.

Combination resume is a type of resume that lists all of your skills and achievements first. After that you list your work experience in chronological order. The layout in combination resume can be eye-catching. You, in different ways, can catch the attention of an employer and make it the most creative resume.

Resume Template

Resume Template

Combination resume consists of two parts: your skills (as in functional resume) and all of your work experience. Don’t forget that- Nohing less and nothing more!

The important thing in writing a resume is to include the information that you think will make you get that dream job.

Depending on your resume type, education and work experience, achievements and so many other factors, you have to decide on your resume template styles, too. Resume templates styles exist to introduce a variety of options of writing the resume to jobseekers. Depending on what type of job you are applying to, there are lots of resume template styles. Choosing the resume template style you want to use, don’t forget to consider the facts such as the job/position type, the length of your resume, in what order you want to write it, if you want it to be simple or a little bit artistics and with a different layout or classic. After deciding all of that, you can choose the one that suits the best to resume you want to write from the resume template styles.

What are the Resume Template Styles?

Traditional Resume Templates

As you can guess from the name of it, it is a classic resume style template. They are always easy to write and read at the same time. This style is used to Show your skills and experiences in a classic way.

Education Resume Templates

This style highlights the candidate’s academic and research experience. This style is the best to us efor educational purposes and if you are trying to get accepted to an internship program. You may also use it when you apply for a scholarship.

Resume Template

Resume Template

Designer Resume Template Style

One of the ways to proove from the beginning that you are going to be a good designer, is to truly design your resume. Designer Resume Templates are for this purpose. They always catch an attention, they are eye-catching. You can use this templates even if you are not the designer, but want to style your resume in an artistic way.

Creative Resume Templates

These resume template styles might be considered as the best ones, since they can be used for almost any resume. They always make a good impression on the employer and do not let him or her to get bored reading the resume of yours. The market is full of candidates like you, so if you want to distinguish yourself from the competition, it is a good idea to choose creative resume temlate style.

Bold Resume Templates

Bold resume template style can be used when you want to emphasize and highlight your strengths. This way you can be standing out from others.

PACIFIC Resume Template

Here are sometimes some nice colours, photo and an impressive font is used. It has neat and functional format. With the pasific resume template style you can make a resume applicable to many positions. Ithas spaces for your educational and professional experience, your skills and accomplishements. The Calibri font is the best for writing a pasific resume. The font size can be 11 or 12 to make it look nice.

You may use some graphics and symbols to emphasise on the parts of your resume that you want to highlight.

Why not to write a nice and impressive resume in shortest amount of time choosing one of the different resume template styles?

If you are one of those people who wants to write a resume but is not sure what kind of layout and style to choose, check the resume template styles to help you with this job. Resume Templates are very time-saving and can get you a very eye-cathing, good-looking resume you always wanted! Good Luck on writing your resume!