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Resume Templates

A resume is a written compilation of your skills, education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments that you want the employer to know about you. It is also good to include a summary of your qualifications.

Welcome to resume basics brought to you by Obfuscata.

Resume dos and don’ts:


  • Place a header on every piece of paper that you turn in.
  • Use the fours C’s- clear, concise, consistent and correct.


  • Use self-evaluations on your resume!
  • Put your resumes, cover letter and references in one document. They three separate documents!
  • Try to tell people your life story.

Every piece of paper that you turn into an employer should have your contact information. Do not put your trust in a paperclip or staple, because they can easily be removed, and the employers will not take the time to put your documents back together.

Stay away from self-evaluations. These are dangerous for two reasons: one, you don’t know what your new employer’s definition is of outstanding or excellent, and you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you and your supervisor are fighting over definitions; two, employers already know that you are putting your best foot forward when writing your resume, but if you overdo it, you will just end up wasting space on your resume.

The main purpose of writing a resume is to excite the employer enough to make them want to bring you in for an interview. By giving them too much information, you can turn an employer off, and you should always keep in mind that they are not required to read your resume and will move to another if it becomes too difficult.

General Resume Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your resume to one page
  • You have 7-10 seconds to gain an employer’s attention.
  • The font size should be 10 to 12 point (Times New Roman or Arial) for main content.
  • Pick a spot for your dates and leave them there.
  • Avoid color and fancy formatting.
  • Use grammar and spell check, and always have someone look at your resume before distributing.

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind that the first time somebody looks at your resume you only have seven to ten seconds to impress the reader.

White space is important on your resume because nobody wants to read a document that is covered in words from left to right, top to bottom.

Your resume needs to be one page. If you have a lot of education and work experience, sometimes it can go over to two pages, but these are the exception instead of the rule.

Your font size should be between 10 and 12. Anything smaller than 10 is too hard to read; anything over 12 looks unprofessional.

If you want to ensure that your resume can be read by every computer system in the world, make sure your font is Times New Roman or Arial.

Your dates can be on the left, right, or center. Once you have chosen a spot for your dates, you need to ensure that they are all in the same place.

Unless you are personally printing out the resume and handing it to the employer, avoid color and fancy formatting. You never know what another computer system will do to your formatting and some color documents are invisible when they’re printed out on a black and white printer. Before you hand your resume out to anyone, it is highly recommended that you show it to other people so that they can check your grammar and spelling. Be sure that you remind people that you are happy with the format and ask only that they give you the advice about grammar and spelling.

Parts of the Resume Templates


  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Computer Skills

The four sections that you should always put on your resume are contact information, education, work experience, and computer skills. There are optional sections that you can use to fill out your resume, but these should always be there.

Contact Information

Your contact information needs to go on every piece of paper that you turn in to an employer. As you can see on the slide, there is no wrong way to do this as long as you relay the information. Always ensure that you use a professional email.

Janis Jenkins

J.jenkins@email.com       123 Pearl Street, Rockville, MaRYLAND 12345

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/becky-t-smith/50/5b8/137      (301) 333-1111


  • Most recent ==> least recent
  • If you were not awarded a degree or certificate, do not list it
  • No high school

For your education, you’re going to start with the university you are currently attending and work your way backwards. You will not list a college if you did not graduate or receive a certificate of training.

Once you’ve finished your first semester of college, you will not list your high school any more. Important things to remember about your education section is to spell out the entire name of your degree.

Do not use abbreviations. Do not put your beginning and ending dates.

Simply put the month and the year that you either did graduate or you are projected to graduate.

Do not write anticipated upcoming or expected if the date is in the future. They know it hasn’t happened yet. Especially if you are still enrolled in college, your GPA is a big factor in hiring. If your GPA is over 3.0, you will want to ensure that it is on your resume.

If it is below a 3.0 it is up to you, but if you do not have your GPA on your resume you need to be able to explain that during an interview.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting       December 2014

Minor in Mathematics

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS                                     GPA:3.49/4.0

CPA Eligible August 20XX

  • Dean’s Scholar, 4 Semesters
  • President, Beta Alpha Psi

Work Experience

  • Start at the present, and work your way backwards
  • Do not go back more than 10 years.
  • Bullet points start with action verbs
  • Quantify whenever possible
  • Past tense verbs for past jobs
  • 3-5 bullet points per job

You are going to start at the present and work your way backwards.

Do not use paragraphs, use bullet points that start with action verbs. You want to quantify whenever you possibly can. It’s important to remember that businesses speak in numbers and percentages. The more you communicate with them in their language, the more you will stand out.

All of your bullets need to start with action verbs. If you are currently working in your position, all of your bullets need to be in present tense. If you are no longer working there, they need to be in past tense.

You should have three to five bullets for your current position, and the most important part about this is to remember to not talk about your daily duties but instead to talk about what you do that makes you stand out from all of the other employees.

As you can see in the example, we chose a cashier at McDonald’s. A lot of people write bullets like “talk to customers,” “take orders,” “customer service.”


Head Fry Cook/Cashier

McDonalds, Wichita, KS                               January 2009 – May 2011

  • Implemented new safety procedures that resulted in a 25 percent decrease in injuries
  • Handled more than $400 daily in cash and credit transactions with zero discrepancies

It lets people know that what they do during the day during their day to day activities, but it doesn’t say anything about them as an employee. As you can see from the bullets in the examples, “handled more than four hundred dollars daily in cash and credit transactions with zero discrepancies,” this tells the employer a lot about you and helps to highlight your skills.



  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word; SMART Boards
  • Industry specific software
  1. CATIA, Matlab
  2. InDesign, Photoshop
  3. SPSS

In a skill section you are going to list out all of the various computer programs that you are comfortable with using.

Do not quantify your use of any of these programs. Once again, definitions matter. As long as you can open, it maneuver around in the program, and close it successfully, you can put it on your resume.

If it’s important to an employer that you have advanced knowledge of a certain skill, it should come out during the interview. If you are in an industry that has specific software, you want to ensure that you list those programs on your resume.

2017 Resume Templates

2017 Resume Templates
2017 Resume Templates

Circumstances of making original resumes alter each year, so the person who wants a resume for himself should pay attention to the most important steps by writing performance summary, professional talents, performance highlights and experiences by details. However, resume templates could be altered on the base of year. Therefore, 2017 changes on the resume templates could be followed by the people in a certain way with much care. Besides, this site presents many resume templates along with 2017 trends. In this way, the people could get reach to preferable resume templates swiftly and speedily because this site follows all the changes on 2017 resume templates.


Acting Resume Template

Acting Resume Templates
Acting Resume Templates

Acting resumes are resumes where you talk with your experience. Your experiences, their description and the dates should be clearly stated in them. The employer will get impressed if you have a strong and creative resume at the same time. We have an acting resume template for your resume preparation. With the help of the template you will have a clear understanding of an acting resume design ad will be able to prepare it in an appropriate format. It is easy to fill out and will save a lot of your time. You can download our acting resume template and make it personalized now!



Basic Resume Templates

Basic Resume Template
Basic Resume Template

With the resume templates we choose for you and upload to our site, we want to show you that basic can be outstanding, too. You can see what we want to say by checking our basic resume templates out. The headings are clearly sectioned and all the templates are accurately designed. Basic resumes should be especially preferred if you are applying to a very professional company. Set your own resume information in a template you choose and add some extra things if you want. Check out our basic resume templates and use them to make a good first impression, free of charge!



Best Resume Template

Best Resume Template
Best Resume Template

Most people want to have a priority while finding a job. To find a job easily having a best resume template is much more important. If you have not a good resume template, the probability of finding a job will decrease. The web site provides most people who try to find a good job continuously with many advantages. Such advantages are also good design for your resume template. Thanks to its best design, people who are also trying to find a good job have an priority to find a their wanted job when this situation compares to your opponents. The web site provides people who try to find a job with a big advantage. Let start to create your best resume template to take an advantage in job sectors.


College Resume Template

College Resume Templates
College Resume Templates

Who said that you cannot write a good resume if you are a student or a new graduate just because you do not have much to show up? Don’t believe in myths! You, for sure, can! College resume is a good one to write. For this kind of resume you do not have to have a lot of experiences or achievements, since you are new! And we are here to help you to write it down! There is a college resume template in our website that you can use to start creating your own resume as a student. Start writing your resume now!




Cool Resume Template

Cool Resume Template
Cool Resume Template

Everyone knows that the resume is how important to find excellent job and earn abundant income.

You can find professionally designed cool resume templates to create your own on the site anytime you want and also It is easy and simple to use. All you need to start just decide which cool resume template you want. Save your time with effortlessly.

The most preferred resume template is cool type. The cool resume template is suitable that who want to make a differences from ordinary job applicants.

The cool resume templates represent your attractive personality.

The first step of the success is being cool.

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template
Cover Letter Template

Cover letter is a document you use when you apply for a job or a scholarship. Cover letter is sent with the resume and makes the resume more efficient. It increases your chances of being the most-wanted candidate of the company you are applying to. You would not want to loose this chance, would you? If so, writing a good cover letter to attach to your resume should be very essential to you. It is possiblle that you don’t know how to write a cover letter, but don’t worry! We have a ready cover letter template to offer you! You can start using it now free of charge !



Creative Resume Templates

Creative Resume Templates
Creative Resume Templates

In our site you will be able to find all types of resume templates those are necessary for your job application. You can download ready and pre-prepared drafts and make changes on them according to your educational and job information as you wish. In this article we mentioned about creative resume templates.

On creative resume templates , template  is designed with different and impressive graphics and colorfull themes .But with different themes and graphics used on resume template being impressive is aimed. In our site you will be able to find all types of creative resume templates you need and with them you will make an impression and make a difference when you apply the job.

Downloadable Resume Templates

Downloadable Resume Templates
Downloadable Resume Templates

Each person could reach the resume samples by means of internet sites. However, some troubles could be witnessed during the process of downloading. There could be some mistakes on the sample resume templates, yet there may not be much time for the correction, and the people could wish to depict their resumes much effective and sharp for the assessment of its, which is the worthy step for the appliances. Therefore, this site is quite an important step in that downloadable resume templates could be submitted in a shorter time by giving many resumes’ templates of good quality, which enables people to set many templates of resumes by giving much time. Everybody should try downloadable templates and set important step in order to find a good job through this site. A person who uses this site for the resume templates could not believe his eyes how quick moves are generated in limited time.

Engineering Resume Templates

Engineering Resume Templates
Engineering Resume Templates

In our site you will be able to find whether resume templates that is suitable for your skills , job and education  You can download the resume templates and make changes on them on Word document according to your informations required  for the job you apply.

If you are engineer you should use engineering resume templates. On engineering resume templates there are your personel information , educational information , job and trainee experinces , foreign language skills , references, compentences , information about you attend educational courses , seminers  and projects. You can examine the sample about engineering resume template. You can make changes on template according to your informations and skills.

Free Printable Resume Templates

Free Printable Resume Templates
Free Printable Resume Templates

Resumes are one of the most important parts of job application process. You send your resume with some other required documents to the company you are willing to get a position in. Don’t you have an experience in writing a resume? Neither do most of the people who write them. To get an outstanding and well-organized resume and increase your chances of getting the job you want, our site offers the printable resume options for you to use in your applications.

You can obtain free printable resume templates from our site to boost up your career. If you take a quick look to our templates, you can see that we have a wide variety of them, including basic and simple ones, Microsoft, Google docs and Latex resume templates, job specific templates from nursing to acting and etc. Choose the most suitable one for yourself and get it free of charge !

Functional Resume Templates

Functional Resume Templates
Functional Resume Templates

Now, you have to write a good resume for your employer, but you do not have enough work experience to state? Then, functional resume is the best resume type to choose! Functional resumes concentrate on your experiences, skills and achievements. You do not have to write a long work history of yours in this type of resume. This is a perfect match for you especially if you don’t have much work experience. Lucky you! We have functional resume templates in our website waiting for you to use. Not to waste all of your energy and time, use our functional resume templates and write an outstanding functional one. Get selected with your resume!


Good Resume Templates

Good Resume Templates
Good Resume Templates

Everybody needs to depict himself in a successful way in order that there will be more chances for new occupations.  While some people prefer to set the resumes on their own, the he others try to find a ready resume on the internet, which is both quite easy and quick step for setting a resume. It could be pretty beneficial to find a new job because it encourages the people to have many occupations without losing much time. Thus, this site enables the people to benefit from good resume templates by means of the quickest moves in order to assess the people not to lose much time. Therefore, many chances could be taken into account by the candidates for new jobs.


Great Resume Templates

Great Resume Templates
Great Resume Templates

All around the World, the comparison becomes much more important day by day. Nowadays, people try to have a good chance. In order not to be poor and have low-standard, people should have a good job. With increasing competition, people are continuously trying to find a job. However, finding a job becomes much harder because of this competition. So having great resume templates is a priority to find a job. The web site provides people who are trying to find a job with great resume templates. Nowadays, having great resume templates is advantageous for such people.  The design of the resume templates is very crucial for finding a job. You can have great resume templates thanks to this web site’s opportunities. Therefore, you can start creating your great CV free of charge!


High School Resume Templates

High School Resume Templates
High School Resume Templates

We are all aware of preparing a resume templates is a bothering and hard task. Especially if you have recently graduated and have no enough experince. Here in our site you will be able to find high school resume templates just rght for you. Here in our site we have designed various types of resume templates in order to take the bother out of preparing resume template.

You have graduated recently and you are ready to make an aplication for a job. But you don’t  know how to express your skills on a resume template . You will be able to find pre-prepared high school resume templates and use it on first job application. In our site you can download ready drafts and mak e changes on them.


IT Resume Templates

IT Resume Templates
IT Resume Templates

As everyone knows a well-made resume is the first step of the successful business life. It is important to prepare a suitable resume for each occupation. In the context of these information everyone should get professional help in preparing a resume especially in IT sector.

You can build a stylish resume with using the pre-prepared IT resume templates drafts that especially appropriate for you. If you are working in IT business and want to apply a new job easily in IT sector you should use the IT resume templates.We provide you to build expert resume professionally.

No more wasting time with erroneous resume.


Job Resume Templates

Job Resume Templates
Job Resume Templates

The first step to finding a job is a professionally written resume. The contents of the resume are summaries of topics such as name, surname, communication information, education status, work experience experiences, references, special pleasures. Your resume should be accurate and clear. You should write CVs of your views on business and your experience in that sector.

Tips for preparing an effective CV

You should write on A4 paper.

Your resume should be no more than 2 pages. (Academic CV may be longer.)

You should avoid long paragraphs. (Maximum 1-3 minutes for CV examinations)

By dowloading these ready-made job resume templates in the web site, you can start the job easily. So let start to create your job resume templates thanks to the web site.

Latex Resume Templates

Latex Resume Templates
Latex Resume Templates

Now, you do not have to think much about writing a good and well-organized resume. Latex resume templates are here to give you the help you want. The main features that differ them from other resume templates are that they are well-organized, have a good sectioning, beautifully designed to get your employer’s attention from the first site. They are time-saving, so you do not have to spend your days on it. You may add your photo in some of them if you wish to. Now, you can Access Latex resume templates from our site in just one click!

Resumes Templates Examples

As you can see from the examples on the slides, both of these resumes have the four basic categories that are required.

I want you to notice that while they are formatted differently, they both have white space and everything is laid out very neatly and is very easy to find.

It is main inner container footer text