Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

By | June 5, 2017

Your resume is what gives you a chance to show yourself to an employer. It is one of the most important documents when you apply for a job. No matter of how qualified you are and how much experience and skills you have got, if your resume is not good written, you’re probably not going to get accepted to that position.

It is really important to spend some time and write a good resume. It is an essential part of company to choose you, either if they wanted it from you or not.Here we are going to give you some important tips and explanation of what resume is and it should be used.

What is the purpose of a resume? Why to write it?

Your resume is a tool to get a good job. It shows that you are employable, you meet the position’s requirements, that you have acceptable skills and experiences for this position/job.

How long should the resume be?

For a resume, there are no such restrictions or limits.  Your resume can be in different lengths depending on your work and education experiences, achievements, accomplishments and skills. If you do not have much work experience, one to two pages is enough, but you can also write three pages, if you have got a lot to show to an employer. It is better not to write more than that.

Beside the legth of resume, it is important to pay attention to its content. It may be only one page but accurate and containing only necessary information. It is for sure better than the resume three pages long and full of unnecessary information. Keep your resume concrete and neat. It will guarantee the easy to read and not boring resume.

What the order of resume should be?

There are different types of resumes and the order in resumes change depending on the type. So, first you have to decide on what type you are going to use.

Resume Types

Choose your resume type! There are some resume types, depending on what type of job you are trying to get: combination, targeted, chronological and fuctional ones. Each one of them is good for different purposes. Just make a short research on each of them and decide what kind you want to apply for your resume.

Chronological resume is a way to show your work experience in reverse order. They are also easy to write. Employers want to see your work data in order, so it is a good type of resume. Try not to use it if you have little work eperience.

Resume Templates Word

Resume Templates Word

Functional resumes list your strengths, accomplishements, skills which are important to employers. But it doesn’t have detailed information about your work experience. It is the most suitable one if you don’t have much work data to show.

Targeted resume is a brief and easy to read resume type. You choose this type to target the specific career path.

Combination resume is a type of resume that lists all of your skills and achievements first. After that you list your work experience in chronological order. The layout in combination resume can be eye-catching. You, in different ways, can catch the attention of an employer and make it the most creative resume.

Combination resume consists of two parts: your skills (as in functional resume) and all of your work experience. Don’t forget that- Nohing less and nothing more!

The important thing in this case is to get the best and most useful information at the top of your resume.

Resume Templates

Resume Templates are always good option to consume some time and write a good, eye-catching resume for you desired position.

How to use Resume Templates?

Resume Templates are there to help you to decide what layout to use and what style to use while writing your resume. It has the font and font size, so you won’t need to think too much on those details.

Resume Templates Word

Resume Templates Word

Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

Free resume templates for Microsoft Word are available to download for Microsoft Word users. If you use a resume template, you are going to reduce the time you have to spend on your resume .

Resumes for Microsoft Word include job-specific resumes (there are variety of job-specific resumes for different jobs), basic resumes, and career-specific resumes as well.

There are also some resumes in the Templates part of Microsoft Office Word.

If you want to access these resume templates:

Open Microsoft Office Word—–File—–Then,New

Here you choose either Templates or New from Templates

How to Use a Resume Template?

It is better if you keep it short and neat. When you chose a resume template, choose a simple one which is easy read and edit. Try not to choose the complex ones.

Check the details after you finish writing your resume with the help of your resume template. Make sure you have used all of your own information and didn’t leave any of the information that was beforehand in a template. Also check for any grammar or spelling mistakes. You do not want to get rejected only because of that !

Give it a good, appropriate file name. You may want to use your name.last name in a file name.

More Free Microsoft Templates

There are more Microsoft  templates available for Microsoft Word users anda re free to download. They are aslo available in your Microsoft Office Word program. You can find the letter templates for cover letters, reference letters, resignation letters, thanking letters, interview and many other letters.

Create your own Resume with Microsoft Office Word free to download resume templates!

You have to write a resume in a shortest time possible but it takes you too long? You do not know where and how to start? You couldn’t decide on which layout, style, font and size to use in your resume? Then resume templates for Microsoft Word are definitely for you. Start writing your impressive resume today within less than 3o minutes!

Good Luck!