What is Thank You Email After Interview?

By | November 3, 2017


Most job seekers find it difficult to work not because they are incompetent in the profession, but because they make mistakes in the process of searching. One of them is inaction.

In our business culture, the fulfillment of promises is not always mandatory, unfortunately. The promise to call back is no exception. It’s more like a ritual, a shaking of air.

Experienced sellers often say that sales “immediately” or “in the forehead” today do not work. The buyer is spoiled for choice, often he hesitates, delays the decision. He needs an additional impulse.

The letter to the employer after the interview is another “touch” on the way to “ripening the client” – our esteemed employer. Our objectives:


  • Remind yourself, thank for the meeting
  • Demonstrate your interest in cooperation
  • Stimulate for further action
Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview


  • When you are really grateful.


  • When you are ready to agree to a position.

You are satisfied with the company, position, working conditions. You know that not only do you want to work there, but you also meet the requirements.


  • When you are not ready to agree to a position.

Let’s say the interview went well, the company is interested in you. But you realized that you do not want to work for this company. Or they got another, more interesting proposal. A thank you note in this case will explain the reason for your refusal. In addition, it will emphasize your consciousness and professionalism.

Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview




Your employer receives 60-70 letters a day and does not reveal everything, however it seemes rude in terms of business etiquette. We recommend that you pay attention to the following:


Email Adress

If the sender’s address looks something like this: sweetypie@gotmail.com, what do you think, what is his future destiny? It is likely that such a letter will be safely sent to spam or to the trash. No bunnies or lapusikov should not be.

The simplest thing is to name the box with your name and surname.

Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview

Letter Subject

We discussed this issue here. In the subject it is important to fit from whom the letter and about what.


Text of the letter

Below is an approximate structure of the letter. It is universal and suitable for writing to the head of the vacancy, and HR-specialist.


  • Appeal by name (required). Once again, who are you, what position do you claim, when there was an interview.


  • Thank for the meeting, you can make a small compliment, if there is a desire.
Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview

  • If you promised to send any materials, – remind about it. Attach the files to the letter.


  • Write what the value (benefit, value, benefit) of the employer is from cooperation with you. And the more attractive this work is for you. Attach references to the letter to the letter.


  • Call to action. Themselves propose the order of further contacts. Remind that you are expecting a call. Write that if there is no call, you will call yourself at such and such a date and time.
Thank You Email After Interview

Thank You Email After Interview


To get a better idea of how to write a thank you email after interview, it’s adviced to review the samples before writing your letters itself.

Below, we’ve listed the websites that offer free thank you email after interview samples for you. Make use of them!

  • The Balance – thebalance.com
  • Write Express – writeexpress.com
  • Job HUnt – job-hunt.org
  • Business News Daily – businessnewsdaily.com
  • The Muse – themuse.com
  • Up to Work – uptowork.com
  • The Interview Guys – theinterviewguys.com


Review the samples and start writing your own thank you letter after interview with a confident.