What Career is Right for me?

By | November 1, 2017


The choice of profession is a philosophical question. First of all, it is necessary to determine what place in life you assign professional activity at the moment and how this situation can change with the years.

In modern conditions there is not only a huge choice of specialties, but also a mass of options for leaving for related fields of study without interruption from production, obtaining additional earnings.

But what questions are important to ask yourself when choosing a career?

  • What goal do you want to achieve in your career?
What Career is Right for meWhat Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me

  • What benefit do you want to bring to others?


  • What kind of people do you want to help?


  • How do you want to contribute to improving the lives of others?


  • What would you do if you did not have to make money?


  • What world problems and needs would you like to solve?


  • What kind of work could you do with confidence that you will cope?


  • What talents would you like to develop and use in your work?


Beside all of these, there are two main questions you should ask yourself?

  • What I like?
  • What can I do?
What Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me


What important things to take into account when deciding on what career is right for me?

  • Know yourself

First of all, it is necessary to understand yourself, your desires, possibilities and potential. Think about what subjects you like in school, and on which of them you have a high academic performance, what do you like to do in your free time, what are your hobbies and hobbies.


  • Evaluate your capabilities

It is not necessary to build ephemeral plans in an industry in which you do not understand anything. It happens that over time hidden potential opens up, but it’s unlikely that you will become a great mathematician if your average ball in the mathematical sciences is far from pleasing …

What Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me

  • Take a test

Take the test for career guidance. These tests are developed by psychologists and sociologists, the truthfulness of their results is certainly not 100%, but, at any rate, it will be able to push you to certain reflections and conclusions.


  • Study the labor market

This can be done with the help of newspapers with job advertisements, as well as using Internet portals about work. So you will see which professions are now most in demand and specialists of what level are at the first stage of search queries.


  • Be farsighted

Try to think about which industries will be most developed at the time you graduate from university.

What Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me



  • Disbelief in yourself

Search for work or an educational institution “for the company”, according to the principle “where will they take”, “I will not do anything else”. If you do not believe in yourself from your youth, then what will happen in twenty years?


  • Orientation to the external appeal of the profession
  • First, the labor market, like any market, is volatile. What is popular today, will not necessarily be in demand tomorrow.
  • Secondly, to achieve success in life and in the profession is very difficult, if it does not match your talents and inclinations.
What Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me

  • Listening to other’s ideas

One of the main mistakes in choosing a profession is a concession to the pressure of parents and relatives who try to realize their dreams through children. You can only listen to their opinion, because the choice of profession is your own business, no one will live for you your own life.


  • Refusal of the profession, WHİCH YOU LİKE THE MOST, because of its seeming lack of seriousness.

All professions are important. Respect is equally caused by a simple worker, and a specialist with a higher education, if both of them are professionals in their business.


  • Choosing a profession because it seems the easiest

A passion for only the outside or some private side of the profession. Due to the ease with which the actor creates an image on the stage, there is an intense, everyday work. And journalists do not always appear on TV programs – they often shovel a lot of information, archives, talk with dozens of people – before they prepare a 10-minute message, which, moreover, will be voiced by another announcer on television.

What Career is Right for me

What Career is Right for me


There are times that you have almost decided on your future career, but are not sure of it and need some additional advice. Tests available for career choice serve this idea. They can make you sure about the job you have chosen or just make you develop new career choices that suit you.

Important thing to note here – do not decide on your profession just with these test. Never, ever!

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We hope this article was helpful for answering your question – what career is righ for me?; take the test and make your last choice!