What is a CV Template?

By | November 3, 2017


FOR Correct design of CV:

  • Use a standard font.

When composing a resume, use one of the standard well-readable fonts. Ornate letters can make you tired of reading your document, and your chances of finding a job will decrease. Stop your choice in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri, they are usually used in business papers.


The margins on the right, below and above should be at least 1.5 cm, on the left – 2 cm. Use the PDF format. Write your resume in English in Microsoft Office Word and correctly format it. After that, export the CV to PDF. To do this, click “File” – “Save As” and select the PDF format. So you will be sure that your resume does not violate the formatting and it will get to the employer in the form in which you sent it.

CV Template

CV Template

  • High-quality photo

Be sure to place your photo in the right upper corner of the document. The picture needs to be chosen high-quality, you should be dressed in business style, without headdresses and sunglasses.


  • Links to profiles in social networks

Today, almost every employer checks the profiles of a potential employee in social networks. Therefore, it makes sense to indicate them in the CV so that you are not confused with someone else. In doing so, we recommend viewing your page and, if necessary, editing it so that it looks presentable.


  • Perfect spelling and punctuation

Whatever the fine specialist you are, but it may not come to the interview, if the HR manager finds errors in your resume. Therefore, re-read the document several times after writing, and find a person who speaks English at a high level so that he can check your literacy.

CV Template

CV Template

  • Compliance

Some employers in job requirements ask you to attach a document to your resume: a test task, a full-length photo, a copy of the diploma, etc. Fulfill this requirement exactly – increase your chances of obtaining the desired position.


  • Target CV

If you are going to submit your CV to several different companies, make a separate document for each of them or do not forget to change the purpose in each resume sent. Firstly, so you can correctly write the Objective section, because the firms probably need different specialists. If you send a CV with an incorrect goal, the company may think that you are an inattentive person, and will not consider your resume at all.

CV Template

CV Template


It is understood that with the help of the resume, the employer or employee of the HR-service will be able to quickly make an impression of you as a specialist. It is for this purpose that it is intended.


But the study of your CV, on the contrary, will take a lot of time, although you can get much more from the actual information about you from it.


There are also differences between CV and resume in the classical sense.


For example, in CV it is not customary to use selection elements: boldface, italic, etc. In addition, your work places are listed in chronological order, and not vice versa, as in the CV.

CV Template

CV Template

By the way, historically CV was originally used in medicine, academic and scientific fields of activity. It listed in detail scientific achievements, articles, books, grants, etc. And later it was spread in business spheres, and the expression “CV” became common.


Note that in addition to the resume and CV at job placement, a brief autobiography can also be used, but such cases are quite rare.


So, what we described above is the traditional meaning of the term “CV”. In fact, in this sense, it is now used quite rarely.


After all, direct employers and employees of recruiting agencies are limited in time, and usually, looking through a large number of received responses to a vacancy, do not have the opportunity to spend time on the study of voluminous resumes.

We wish successful employment!

CV Template

CV Template


According to the rules of good form, CV should be written:

  • In hard copy;
  • Black color;
  • One of the distributed printed fonts, such as Times New Roman, Arial, etc .;
  • Font size from 10 to 12.
  • If you want to add a photo to your CV, it can be either a passport photo or a portrait photo of about 5×6 cm, which is usually located in the upper right corner of the CV. When choosing a photo, think about what impression you want to make on the employer. CV size should not be more than two pages – the employer can not read too long.
  • Before sending a CV, read it carefully: check for any grammatical errors, and see if the contact details are correct so that the employer can contact you if desired.
CV Template

CV Template



In order to write a good and Professional resume, we would advice you using the templates. CV template makes you learn the structure and format of resume well enough and next time when writing a resume you won’t need any templates again.

You can find plenty of templates online, but you do not need to search for them, since we’ve found som efor you. The websites below offer free CV templates for your usage. Make use of them.

  • Hloom – hloom.com
  • Microsoft Ooffice – templates.office.com
  • Live Career – livecareer.com
  • Over Leaf – overleaf.com
  • The Muse – themuse.com
  • Resume Genius – resumegenius.com
  • Up to Work – uptowork.com
  • Resume World – resumworld.ca
  • CreativeBloq – creativebloq.com
  • The Guardian – theguardian.com
  • Theme Forest – themeforest.net

Get your CV template now and start writing your CV from scratch!