What is a Resignation Letter?

By | October 20, 2017

The Importance of a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a very important document because when you quit a job; this letter will also determinant for your business reference. You should be careful and attentive in writing a letter of resignation; your last impression is important and you would better to keep your relationship with your old company good. Your boss may support you for the next job or make a negative comment. Also you may have to reconnect with your old company so be careful to be polite and respectful when you are leaving your work. How can you do this? One of the best impressive methods is to write a good, polite, appropriate and positive letter of resignation.

Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

How to Write a Letter of Resignation?

First, we briefly summarize what points your letter should contain:

  • You should state your intent as very clearly and write you are going to quit the job
  • You should definitely explain that when you are going to resign; write the date of your resignation
  • If you prefer; write your resignation reason as briefly, don’t give details. But you would better not to write the reason.
  • Don’t forget to write sentences of good wishes and thanks for the opportunities. Write shortly.
Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

Points to Note in a Letter of Resignation

There are key factors for writing a letter of resignation. This letter should be formal and professional. You aim to resign warmly, make a good impression on your boss with your resignation letter. You may review these tips for your letter:

  • Your letter should be short and you should focus on the main point
  • Your letter language must be formal
  • You should be definitely positive and don’t write anything negative, rude and controversial
  • If you are writing a resignation letter, you would better to write your resignation date and give your boss at least 14 days
  • 2 weeks notice is important; if you want you may write your letter without any notice but this attitude may be harmful for your business life
  • Don’t quit the job immediately, don’t leave your projects uncompleted and show your respect for your company, boss and co-workers
  • You may leave the job; but offer assist if they need; you may train the new employee etc.
  • Don’t ever criticize anyone in your letter
  • Take a copy of this letter if necessary as an evidence
  • Check the grammar, spelling and other mistakes
Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter

The Resignation Templates

A letter of resignation must have a professional format and you can prepare this letter by very practical and good method; resignation templates. A resignation template is a prepared format and it can be downloaded, editable and printable very easily. Many websites offers free letter of resignation templates. You can find these letters effortlessly; the steps are very simple; choose the template that is most appropriate for you, download and edit it. With a resignation letter, you can create your letter more effectively and professional.