What is a Youtube Banner Template?

By | November 3, 2017


A beautiful channel banner is the first thing that catches the eye of a user who has hit your channel.

Sure, quite often, after watching an interesting video on YouTube, you go to the channel page to see if there are similar interesting videos out there. And very often before you loaded the page, which, at best, is an avatar, and instead of a banner – a gray standard background.

Having run through her eyes for a couple of seconds without finding anything interesting, you close the browser page and forget about this channel and its author forever.

Youtube Banner Template

Youtube Banner Template


The installation of a banner on a YouTube channel depends on whether you have a banner on the channel or you are installing it for the first time.


  • If you do not already have a banner on the channel, then at the top of the channel you have a blue button with the inscription “Add banner”. You should just click on it and you will see the YouTube image uploader.


  • If the banner already stands on your channel and you want to change it. Then you need to click on the banner and click on the appeared pencil in the upper right corner of the banner. And before you, as well as in the first version, will open the YouTube image uploader.
Youtube Banner Template

Youtube Banner Template

  • YouTube video is accompanied by a ready-made HTML-markup for embedding video on other web pages. The simplicity of the copy technique made the distribution of YouTube videos unusually popular among Internet users.


  • After downloading your chosen image, you have the opportunity to see how the banner will be displayed on the channel. YouTube will show you ways to display the channel banner on your computer screen, TV and mobile device.


  • If you want to correct the display of the channel banner. Then click the “crop” button and select the desired image position.


  • YouTube has set the size limits for uploaded images. When selecting a picture for your banner, be guided by the dimensions of 2560×1440 pixels. If the image is smaller – YouTube will not accept it.
Youtube Banner Template

Youtube Banner Template


The answer is simple: you need to search in Google. And it is recommended to pay attention to high-resolution computer wallpapers, they are beautiful and sometimes very ideological. Also in Google you can apply filters to search and immediately search for pictures with the required resolution.


How to find something you like – load or edit, then the photoshop will help you. Just do not take pictures with logos or symbols of large companies. You can strongly run into if you complain about copyright infringement.

Youtube Banner Template

Youtube Banner Template


As we have already mentioned, to make your youtube channels more attractice, you will need to use a youtube banner. And using templates for it are of a great importance. Since templates are ready made, you will have to make just a few editions, so it wil save you time. In addition to that, you will have a lot of different design choices, since there are a lot of types of a Youtube banner template available online.

Below are the websites offering free youtube banner template for your usage:

  • FOTOR – fotor.com
  • Tutsplus – tutsuplus.com
  • Banner Snack – bannersnack.com
  • Net – www.template.net
  • YTGraphics – ytgraphics.com
  • Canva – canva.com
  • Helmar Designs – helmardesigns.com

Get your Youtube banner template, now, and start personalizing it with quite easy steps.