What is an Associate Kiosks?

By | November 15, 2017

Kiosk systems are electronic terminals for touch screen information and service.

  • Self-Service users have been able to access some information and perform operations on the touch screen. They save time and speed to make things easier for the people and to get the workload in the institution.
  • The associate kiosks, which are technically designed as cabs with pc alataps, can be in different models depending on purpose and usage and can have different functions.
  • The public sector can be used only for information purposes only by providing information to the public about the institution or the internet in open areas, or it can be used for applications such as application, debt and bill payment, reservation, inquiry, appointment in various public or private institutions.
Associate Kiosks

Associate Kiosks

 Where do you use this?

  • Sales and service kiosk applications, such as tickets, coins, phone cards, MP3 music directly on the kiosk over the product distribution can be realized in the form of. Especially in the retail sector, sales support is being used in applications that enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Today, it is very important to be in the right place in continuously developing technology world in order to reach continuity and wide masses. This new technology, on the other hand, makes it easy to interact with content through custom software on the Touch Screen, making it easier to access the information you want.
Associate Kiosks

Associate Kiosks

What is Interactive Kiosk?

Interactive Kiosk is a preferred touch screen solution for informing and routing which enables interactive communication in common usage areas. This technology, which is spreading rapidly in Europe, has turned into a preferred promotional channel in our country.

Associate Kiosks

Associate Kiosks

What are the contributions and benefits of Kiosk to housing projects?

  • With the high resolution touchscreen kiosk screens you will set up in your sales office, you can present a short and effective project instead of long-standing persuasion efforts. Thus, in addition to speeding up sales, you can reduce the time cost and workload of your company.
  • Although the traditional project models in the offices are an effective promotion, they are a separate cost item for each project. Nevertheless, you can use interactive kiosk screens in all your projects.
  • In associate kiosk software you can integrate offer, reservation and sales CRM applications. In this way, you can manage sales processes much more easily.
  • With its portability feature, you can promote your progeny in events such as meetings, launches, and fairs that you do outside the company.
  • Your kiosk continues to introduce your progeny through its standby mode when it is not in use. At the same time, the easily manageable menu structure makes it easy for customers to use in busy times.¬†Special Interactive Kiosks for Construction Companies; Tekno Smart
  • The Tekno Smart S kiosk solutions we have developed with the knowledge we have gained in the real estate sector for many years are specially designed according to current and customer trends.
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