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What is Business Card?


What is a business card size?

A business card is a card with your personal data and other information about you including your contact information and position in a company you work at.

The business card is an extremely popular tool and can be made from paper, wood, and even form plastic and metals . There are also many types of printing.

Business Card Size
Business Card Size

How to make a business card?

Do not use decorative and hand-written fonts. Readability is the main rule of the business card – if your name can not be yread, and a decoder is needed for e-mail, then this business card is justified in one case – you are an agent of special services.

Do not use text less than 7 pt and more than 11 pt. Do you like to strain your eyes and study difficult-to-distinguish letters? So, your partners and customers also do not like it; do not force them to suffer for the sake of stupid and unjustified design fashion of small fonts.

Do not change traditional business etiquette – place the logo in the upper left corner. Logo on the left, phone under the name on the right. Do not change it and with this, do not force them to scour around the business card in search of your phone or name.

Business Card Size
Business Card Size

Don’t use the abbreviations of your own work. Believe me, the combination of a mobile phone can be reduced in 100 ways, none of which your clients and partners will understand.

Do not use wild color combinations – you will surprise no one, just scare … In the psychology of color perception there are a lot of nuances that are worth paying attention to.

The other important detail is about the business card size itself. It should be known that the card sizes differ from country to country. But , nowadays, the most used one is 89×51 mm. You can also use folded, square, and micro business cards the sizes of which vary.

Business Card Size
Business Card Size

What should be on the business card?

The information presented on the business card is conditionally divided into several parts. The presence of each of them on the business card is mandatory. The first part of the business card contains the name of the business card holder should, company name and contacts. It is better to use smaller font size or a bold font here. Whether you have only a first and last name on your business card, or do it along with your patronymic, depends on a number of factors. First, the standards of treatment differ in different companies. If the company is not accepted to apply for the patronymic, then you should not put it on your business card. Secondly, when a company works with foreign companies, patronymics are also usually not used. But there is an exception to the rules. If the owner’s name does not carry information about his gender, it is better to add the patronymic.

Business Card Size
Business Card Size

The second part is a logo or other graphic representation. The presence of the logo on the business card is highly desirable, because it makes it an element of the company’s corporate identity. The logo of the company can be accompanied by the company’s corporate slogan. In the absence of a logo, any graphic elements or even a photograph of the owner can be used. The last option is good for those people who need to be perceived as a person, and not as an official.

The third part on the business card is the contact information. First of all, this is the address of the enterprise. It is important to note that when working with foreigners it is better not to use any abbreviations. If the company has several addresses, it is better to separate them from each other. This also applies to separate spelling of actual and legal addresses. The main contact phone should be the first. A mandatory requirement for modern business cards is the indication of e-mail and web addresses. In this case, it is not necessary to put the words “e-mail” and “web” before the addresses, this is obvious by the type of writing.

Business Card Size
Business Card Size

Business card templates

For a better design and format of business cards, it is very useful to use templates. You can find different types of templates, each with specific kind of design for specific purposes. You can download them for free and easily edit.

  1. Canva –
  2. FreePik –
  3. Moo –
  4. Creative Market –
  5. Psprint –
  6. Designscrazed –
  7. Balance –
  8. Graphic River –

We hope you liked the article and know the business card size, styles and format, now!

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